Hearth and Home

My home is very normal, modest, and rented.  To some this means it isn’t ours as we will never own it, but I believe that my home is not about the bricks and mortar it is about the people and love it contains.  It doesn’t matter how posh the hotel we stay in, I always miss the comforts of our hearth and home.

Home is where the heart is.

This is a well used phrase isn’t it? I don’t know about anyone else, but I believe this to be true.  My home is a place of love, safety and acceptance, oh and animals.  We lost our dog a few years ago and before then, whenever you entered our home you were welcomed by a large yellow labrador.  His exuberant welcome is something we, Mr H and I miss keenly to this day.  Now when we walk in, we are greeted by our two cats.  They welcome us with tall tails curved at the end (cat speak for I’m happy) and by scratching their scratch posts; also cat speak for I’m happy. Mr H prefers the dogs welcome.  I don’t blame him.

I don’t think we credit animals enough for the love they give.  Our dog hugged me when I found out my dad had died, he stayed by my side and he comforted me.  During my deepest depression he sat with me.  Without him I don’t think I would have recovered as quickly.  Our home has never been quite the same without him.  Losing him broke our hearts.

Hearth and Home

I met Mr H in 1995 and in 1998 he moved in with me.  My home felt right again.  I had someone who’s first thought was me, someone willing to raise my son as his own; something his biological father told me would be impossible, because I was not desirable enough to make up for having ‘baggage’.  Yes he called his son baggage.

We, Mr H and I, built our home together, and we filled it with love and laughter.  We have endured a lot, survived a lot, and we have done it together.  Always together.

Home isn’t a place.

At night when we are watching TV before sleep, Mr H will often reach out and touch me.  A hand on my leg.  These little touches are so important, they remind me he is there, provide comfort and reassurance.  While a safe place is important, four walls and a roof does not make a home.  Love makes a home.  In Mr H’s arms I am home.  His touch soothes and calms.  Where-ever he is, that’s my home.  I have often thought of what I can do without; TV, internet, mobile phones, I don’t need any of these things.

What I do need is Mr H, to know my children are safe, and my furbabies. If I have and know these things, I am home.  When Mr H has his arms around me, well that’s my favourite room, wrapped in a soft loving blanket.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. A great post and so true! Within our home, we can withstand almost anything. But without our home, little things would break us. MrH being your home makes total sense. My Queen is my home!
    Collaredmichael recently posted…The Everything To Do With Sex Show!! Or Second DateMy Profile

    1. I completely understand that 🙂

  2. A beautiful post sweet, and a lovely photo. Home definitely is about people as much as places.
    Julie recently posted…Summer’s on the horizonMy Profile

    1. thank you 🙂

  3. absolutely x

  4. We make our homes with heart and fill them with the things we love, people being the first thing. I agree, without my people and pets, this is just a pretty box with a lot of nice trinkets and furniture.
    Brigit Delaney recently posted…The Mind-Body-Breath ConnectionMy Profile

  5. I absolutely get where you’re coming from with all of this, I’ve just been away for the weekend and came home to a cat who became my shadow, and meowed at me constantly until I sat down for a cuddle, the physical comforts of home were nice, but her little face is what made it a return home for sure 🙂 xxx
    Floss recently posted…[Photography] When I Look At YouMy Profile

    1. awwww… bless her..

  6. I love this <3 I completely understand the feeling of home in your love's arms. I'm the same with my boyfriend. The second I'm in his arms for a cuddle I feel home. I feel completely safe and loved. Along with Moe of course! It always warms my heart seeing that little ginger floof roll on to his back, paws up, when he sees me! ^_^ x

  7. You are totally right about it not mattering if you own the house ot rent it – home is the warmth and generosity of feeling that is contained within. x
    May More recently posted…Food Matters ~ Problems with FoodMy Profile

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