I want….

No, I need a fuck. I want to feel Sir deep inside me. Sometimes the need becomes so acute my whole body aches for him. My pussy feels empty (which of course it is!) but you know what I mean- right?

MrH has been poorly so He hasn’t felt like playing. He hasn’t been able to breathe so he hasn’t kissed me.

When we don’t play for a while I have one of two reactions. Either I get super horny or I disconnect. Sometimes I get horny then after a while that goes away and I disconnect.

Only….. I have one of those unfortunate blocked glands (down below), a lady lump…

I’m walking around the house, restless. I imagine that Sir will take hold of me, push me against the wall and kiss me until my knees go week, until I’m dizzy. In these fantasies he pushes his finger inside my pussy, and tells me how he loves how wet I am for him…..  None of this helps me really, it just makes me want him to fuck me even more.

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  1. I hope your wishes are ful”filled” soon!! And that your bump disappears!!

  2. Poor MrH, hope he feels better soon. They say orgasms are great for feeling better

    1. I tried using that argument lol he said he felt too poorly

  3. Hope you and MrH are feeling better soon! <3

  4. David says:

    Sometimes, a fuck is all you need and the answer to everything!

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