purple collar

New Purple Night Collar

Early in our D/s MrH made me a night collar out of paracord. I love it. I love that he made it and now he has made me a new purple collar. My first day chain wasn’t suitable to sleep or play in so I wanted something suitable for these occasions. MrH is skilled at making things out of paracord and so I asked if he could make me a collar to sleep in and he did.

My first collar, was made in just a few hours, and I slept in this collar every night. It wasn’t perfect, and it bothered MrH. One side was longer than the other. I searched on youtube and found a design that I loved, and I asked if he could make me a collar like it.

It meant buying a needle like device for threading the paracord in the intricate weave required. MrH worked on my new collar making a number of comments about sore fingers, for which I am very grateful.

The finished collar is beautiful. I have worn this collar for sleep and play since it was made. When I don’t have it on I miss it. MrH turned his hand to chainmaille and he made a silver day collar.

I no longer needed a collar to sleep in but we kept the exchange in place. I like the solid feel of the night collar. I like the ritual of the exchange.

I asked him if he could make me a new one, as the blue one had stretched and needed a wash. He agreed and we picked a new paracord colour and it arrived a while ago but with everything that’s been going on MrH hasn’t had time. He finished this yesterday, and last night I got to wear it. Here is is my purple collar, isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a little wider than the last but I love the way it feels.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


purple collar
New Collar On


  1. Love the idea of a night collar!

  2. Lovely colour I must say. MrH is a talented man.

    1. Well you are slightly bias towards purple!

  3. Your new collar is absolutely beautiful!!!

  4. Your collar’s so pretty! MrH is a craftsman! x

  5. That looks really lovely!

    Rebel xox

  6. Wonderful work!! Perhaps MrH could make money by doing this as a hobby and selling them to people who are in the lifestyle. But it is a really nice collar!!

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