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Mr H likes making things, although he is never fully satisfied with the outcome I think the things he creates are beautiful.  Within a Kink context, MrH has made me collars, jewelry, accessories and he has made himself impact toys. When he starts a new project he gets out his crafts box, working away and concentrating.  I can see the calm enjoyment settle over him and the happiness when the project is done.  He has made things with paracord and chainmaille (aluminium and Sterling silver).


He made my first sleep collar in December 2017, using paracord.  This collar was primarily for sleeping in as my day collar wasn’t suitable, and we had been using one that we had bought.  It felt extra special to be something that he made.  MrH wasn’t entirely happy with it, he is very critical of his work, and I saw a design on YouTube and asked if he thought that it would be a nice collar.  He agreed, we ordered the paracord and he set to work.  The finished collar was so comfortable and I think visually appealing it became my favorite and it was the only collar we used at night or during play for over 12 months.

A few weeks ago I asked if he would mind making me a new one as the first had stretched a little and with some of the night sweats I suffer from i wanted to be able to wash it.  He decided to make two different ones, and I adore them!


As he likes to keep busy when we saw some things on FetLife that had been made out of chainmaille Mr H decided he wanted to have a go.  We bought some rings and he began making things with the small rings. He made number of bracelets in various designs and it kept him and our male cat Captain occupied for hours.

He made a full set, collar and cuffs using a design called dragonscale.  I haven’t worn this set, mainly because it is so big and if we go to the munch we leave from home and S2 might have noticed it.  I believe he planned for it to be worn to a formal event.

Having decided that he enjoyed the process but these projects didn’t take long to complete he decided making a top would keep him occupied longer. It is cold and heavy but it does look cool.

One of the things he is most proud of making is my day collar and bracelet.  I asked if he could make something in silver, a day chain for me to wear, and he did.  It is so beautiful.  He puts it on me every morning and takes it off me every night.  It is part of our ritual.

Other Toys

Mr H also decided to have a go at making a whip.  He hasn’t used it on me and I don’t think he plans to but it makes a delightful crack when he tests it.

He has a few other projects he wants to work on, when he has the time and the money (his words), a sex bench, suspension points on the ceiling and fixing points on the walls.

My favourite toy project was one that we worked on together.  We used a clone a willy kit and made a copy of Mr H’s cock.  Its been used for double penetration play to great effect; there is something very hot about having MrH’s clone in my arse and his cock in my pussy at the same time.  We do plan to make another one, that way we can do a triple play scene.

Come to think of it, that would make a pretty good birthday or Christmas present. (Hint, Hint)

I think the fact that he takes the time and effort to make things for me, makes them really special.  They are his gifts to me and there is a part of him in each of them.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. I love that chain mail top! How delightful to go to a kink event forced to wear it and thus displaying all your charms!! Sinfully delicious!!

  2. Gorgeous chain mail top in particular, Mr H is very talented!

  3. Posy Churchgate says:

    Ah Children – they make for the best “awkward moments”!
    My youngest used to tell people “Mummy says the C word” – well they were always shocked, but in my defence, my child meant ‘crap’ not ‘cunt’

    I am very glad you were able to ‘style’ the others out – even the bike gear one, but that does sound like you would’ve preferred a good, deep hole to disappear into!

    1. Oh yes indeed a very very deep hole!!!!!!

  4. […] The finished collar is beautiful. I have worn this collar for sleep and play since it was made. When I don’t have it on I miss it. MrH turned his hand to chainmaille and he made a silver day collar. […]

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