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On Exploring Kink

Return of the cane: how pain tolerance changes over time.

In my last post I wrote how our D/s was somewhat diminished by our my present condition, and how our impact play had stopped altogether. Well – I have news! The cane is back. I think I am going to get the cane out. Mr H announced this when I asked him what he wanted to do yesterday (Sunday) while our son was at work. I expected him to say rope work as he has been practicing a hand/arm tie that ML Slave Puppet had showcased on her rope work meme Tie Me Up Tuesday. I was surprised and nervous.

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hard spank

Spank Me Hard

In my last post  Rescue Me I said I had wanted to ask Mr H to spank me 10 times as hard as he could but I chickened out.  Of course putting it in my post meant I could bring it up for discussion, without saying it out loud (a tactic I use when I am particularly embarrassed or ashamed of my requests). When we did discuss it, Mr H responded that he just wasn’t sure. Then later, after his bath, he asked “So, you want me to smack you 5 times as hard as I can?” I frowned, “I

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It’s a kinda magic

It’s rare for relationships to last for 20+ years in today’s world and I think as a society we can be very “throw away” in our attitudes towards, not only things, but also the people in our lives. My gran and grandad were together over 60 years, had 5 children and several dogs (although only one at a time). My gran worked part-time when the children were grown up collecting rents for the coal board houses and my grandad worked down the pit. My dad and stepdad also worked down the pit until it closed following the miners strikes in

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