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Tell Me About: Wax Play

A few years ago we had a house fire and candles were banned, but when we began our D/s journey, and I heard about wax play, my curiosity was piqued.  For a short time caution outweighed my interest but eventually, as often happens, my curiosity won and a small set of 3 candles was purchased from Amazon.

First time wax play?

I remember feeling a little nervous as I lay waiting for the first drip of wax to hit my skin, and I have no idea how Mr H felt.  If he was nervous he hid it well.  That first slash made me squirm a little, the sharp heat that quickly cooled in a pleasant way.  The second drop he moved the candle higher and the drips no longer held any sharp heat.  I remember Mr H checked in frequently, as we learned together what worked well.  I much preferred this and so Mr H kept the candles a little higher and I felt a warm licking sensation travelling over me, as he poured the melted wax onto my skin.   The wax play ended and I was sleepy and relaxed.  Mr H scraped away the dried wax and after several minutes the relaxation was gone. 

Wax gets everywhere!

The dried wax I mean.  We had put an old sheet under me but the wax flakes stuck to me, and when we thought all the wax had been removed I scrambled off the bed- to a shower of wax bits falling on the floor.  Of course, these bits then had to be hoovered up and any relaxing effect of the play, was gone.

Lessons Learned.

•We learned that a covering of oil on the skin, helps with wax removal. •We bought some paper rolls, the kind you find on a therapy bed at the beauticians, to cover the bed and floor with.  This has helped a little with the clean up.


We bought some soy candles from Kandles by Kitten.  Their shop is on Etsy and can be found by clicking here.  Their candles are hand made and as they practice wax play they make their candles with body safe products.  They are also beautifully presented, a generous size and last ages!  

Future Plans.

I have read all the links that have been shared with Tell Me About, and Mr H and I are going to try melting wax to pour the way Purplesole does.  You can read their post on wax play by clicking HERE.  Mr H likes to create patterns and I am hoping that by pouring wax without worrying about the flame will make this easier and more fun.  Until then, here is an image from one of our wax play sessions, and the candles from Kandles by Kitten.  You can see another wax play image on our Fetlife profile.

Sweet x

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