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Cane Me.

I have a few different ways of dealing with stress, I have a tendency to withdraw, to shut down, to become quiet. Add the isolation of our current situation and I think one of the reasons I havent written much recently is that I write about the things I do and find interesting, and let’s be honest, I spend all day laid in bed looking out of the window, with the same view. The only thing that settles my mind is knowing that Mr. H is here, and my regular impact sessions with the cane. Cane. At least once a

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erotic photography

Erotic Photography

Erotic Photography is, in my opinion rather difficult to do. I also think there is a difference between erotic and explicit and to be erotic I feel, it should intice and engage the imagination. Perhaps it can hint at or inspire a story. Submissy is a good example of this. The images she and HisLordship have shared over the years are erotic without straying into the explicit and I find them to be extremely sensual and sexy because of this. One such example can be found by clicking HERE. Erotic Photography and Me. I am not very good at erotic

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Tell Me About: Discipline

The Oxford English Dictionary defines discipline as “the practice of training people to obey rules and orders and punishing them if they do not; the controlled behavior or situation that results from this training”. A few weeks ago we discussed punishment, but how does discipline fit into a D/s dynamic? Setting the rules. When we began our D/s journey I didn’t have any specific rules to follow. In fact when the first rule was created in was following a plea from myself to help me to change a bad habit that I had formed. Mr H obliged and I have

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Simply Pleasure.

For over 22 years Mr H and I were a vanilla couple. Our sex life was lovely, sensual and tender. I would occasionally orgasm, although this was more often than not from masturbation. It didn’t bother me that I didn’t climax every time we made love, I thought this was the normal state of affairs. It was more important to me that Mr H loved me and stood with me. I took pleasure from knowing he enjoyed sex and that I could please him, it never occured to me that he would want that too. I found pleasure in other

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Seven Days in April – Day Five

I have spoken a few times about how I have a tendency to overthink things and how this affects my mental health.  The lockdown has I think, had a bad effect on many people judging from some of the comments on twitter and facebook from people who are struggling with feelings of isolation and boredom.  I have a theory that having things to do, to occupy your mind is essential to maintaining a stable mental state.  I know it doesn’t do for me to be ‘in my own head’ for too long.   I have also shared what depression means

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Tell Me About: Wax Play

A few years ago we had a house fire and candles were banned, but when we began our D/s journey, and I heard about wax play, my curiosity was piqued.  For a short time caution outweighed my interest but eventually, as often happens, my curiosity won and a small set of 3 candles was purchased from Amazon. First time wax play? I remember feeling a little nervous as I lay waiting for the first drip of wax to hit my skin, and I have no idea how Mr H felt.  If he was nervous he hid it well.  That first

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A Little Respect.

Respect is, in my opinion, one of the cornerstones required for any relationship, not just a D/s one, but how we show that respect can be different from person to person.  If an outsider looked in on Mr H and I in the middle of a D/s play session they may feel he shows me no respect at all, for what husband with respect for his wife would call her his slut or whore? Well, one who knows that in the right context these words turn her on, I suppose, and so as always I will apply the caveat, that

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Take it to the Edge.

Edge Play, in terms of BDSM, is play which can be seen as extremely risky. Within the BDSM safety is considered paramount, and most practitioners subscribe to either Risk Aware Consensual Kink or Safe Sane and Consensual, edge play is known to be the activities which push the edges of what is safe. Kinky defines it as: Edgeplay refers to BDSM activities that are considered risky, or on the edge of what might be considered safe, sane, and consensual. The definition of edgeplay is subjective and can differ from scene to scene and from individual to individual, but it can

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Lean on Me.

Codependency is often seen as a negative thing, where one person enables another to bad behaviour or habits, and there is definitely evidence to support this. But I believe that it is possible for codependence to be something positive too. There is a tendency to take a word and give it just one meaning, to reject any other interpretation in favour of it. Submissy has written a brilliant post on how to spot the things that would mean your relationship is unhealthy, and I urge you to read it. My focus today is on how I believe that within a

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hard spank

You won’t break me

I am precious, cherished, loved.  Mr H controls his strength and holds back afraid to break me, most of the time.  Last year we experimented with him spanking me as hard as he could and he left gorgeous hand prints on my bottom, one side also had a welt for a few days.  And, he learned he wouldn’t break me.  Although our ears were definitely ringing. Breaking the sound barrier. The sound of his hand as it struck my bottom, wow, honestly the room spun, and my ears were ringing.  Like I had been at a rock concert for a

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