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You better not be late

Timekeeping is very important to Mr H, he hates to be late.  I hate being late too but I am also easily distracted and so I quite often run late.  With the change in our dynamic I know when I message him to say “running late” I am making him unhappy. What if one day he said, “you better not be late or there will be consequences,” would that mean I got a spanking?

I guess a girl can hope.

I love it when he uses his Dom voice.  Just the other day we were talking and I almost rolled my eyes at something he said, and he raised one eyebrow at me and said,

You better not be about to roll your eyes?

My little subby heart quivered.  It’s been a while since he got the Dom voice out, and I liked it, alot.  I mean he got it out big time when he told me off for doubting his feelings for me, but in everyday conversation he doesn’t use it a lot.  Spanking as punishment has only happened once, but it was effective.   With my back as it is I know a spanking right now is off the table so I have to use my imagination.

Timekeeping – A short Story.

“I have told you many times about your timekeeping,” he began, his voice was firm and my legs were shaking. “Did you set the reminder on your phone like I told you to?”

“Y-yes, Sir,” I stammered, nervously.  I had indeed set the reminder, only when it went off I muted it because I was in the middle of a blog post, and I wanted to finish it.  When I had looked up again, twenty minutes had passed and I was late.  I was thankful that I had set the timer earlier than Sir had suggested.  If the road was clear I would make it on time, but this was rush hour and that was unlikely.

I tapped the steering wheel impatiently as I sat in the queue of cars on the dual carriageway.  I had travelled less than half a mile.  Of course there was lots of traffic.  A seven minute journey had taken me twenty five.  By the time I pulled into the car park, I was twelve minutes late and he was waiting.  When he opened the door the I’m sorry I wanted to say had frozen on my lips at the look on his face.

“There was a lot of traffic,” I blurted out.

“There would have been less if you had left on time,” he tapped his phone, “which you didn’t according to the driving app.  You only started the car at four, forty six.  You were supposed to leave at twenty five to, your alarm should have gone off at half past.  What time did your alarm go off?”

“Twenty past,” I replied.

“I see,” he cut in before I could continue, “so you thought that by setting it earlier you  would be ready on time, but instead you muted it didn’t you? Because you knew you had extra time.”


“There is a reason I told you twenty five to.  So you can leave there and then. You are not to ignore my instructions again, you will receive one strike for every minute you were late today.”

I hope you enjoyed my little fantasy.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


16 thoughts on “You better not be late”

  1. The item written here is, of course, a story because I am never actually late, so my backside is safe. Well I am not allowed to drive at the moment due to the drugs I am taking, but when I can I am on time.

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