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“Tonight, we’ll see what we can do about you”

MrH knew I’d been feeling a bit low. The tramadol works in similar ways to an antidepressant so when you stop taking it you can experience depression, disassociation and other fun things.

As I live with depression and take medication to stabilise that the tramadol has essentially been putting me on a higher dose of “happy pills”. Having said that I’ve not been running around laughing manically lol 😂

Now, so far (so good) I’ve not experienced any major drops but yesterday I did feel a little low. Meh as I call it. Or a big case of I can’t be arsed 😂

So he stroked my face, and said “tonight, we’ll see what we can do about you.”

After supper, MrH put my night collar on and told me to lie on the bed. He had the cane in his hand.

I lay and counted. He stuck me ten times.

He moved sides of the bed. Ten more.

Again he changed sides. Ten more.

I heard him walk around to the other side. Ten more.

The pain changed. Lifted from me. The real world faded. Ten more. He continued stoking my behind between sets, the change in sensation, the contact of his hand seeming to touch deep inside me. Soothing my core. Then the cane would strike again.

Some making me gasp, some making me jump slightly. Some made me grip the quilt. I’m not sure how many in total, I wasn’t tracking the total, maybe one hundred?, but I count each set of ten.

When he finally said, “all done” I felt so much better.

He helped me under the covers and I snuggled close. Breathing in the smell of his body and allowing myself to float.

This morning I could still feel some tender areas where the cane had struck my derriere. Not painful just present, like a reminder of a good time. I had a damn good nights sleep and my brain has been quieter today and less “meh” so MrH certainly managed to sort my mood out quite effectively.

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