On Kinky Fuckery

What am I going to do with you now?

On Wednesday’s we have our maintenance session.  We don’t have the TV on, instead we have one evening where we talk.  There are no distractions and we talk about our week, our dynamic and what’s going well and what’s perhaps in need of discussion.

I have a notes app on my phone and I usually have a couple of things in my list to talk about.  This week it was “re-negotiating the Rules” and also “talking during play”.

The rules

Mr H further defined our rules earlier this year, making them clearer and more specific.

I had been reviewing them and realised that we had abandoned some of them as they were proving impractical early on.  For example, Mr H said I was to inform him when I stopped for lunch and send pictures of all food consumed and drinks …. This proved problematic because I am the office manager and I discourage the use of mobile phones in the office.  I ask for them to be kept out of sight.  As such if I am picking my phone up to send messages or take pictures I am being hypocritical and I don’t like that.

So Mr H took the rule away.

Another rule was about only eating on plan and this is hit and miss, not only at work but also at home.  I’m to ask before consuming synned foods and I would say that again this can be hit or miss…

So on Wednesday we reviewed the rules.  Mr H re-read them and commented that we really have let them slide.  I pointed out that as I have said in the past, quite often there’s no follow through.  Mr H had said that I would be rewarded for following the rules and punished for not doing so.  He hasn’t done either.  And I had asked for those boundaries and consequences.

Spanking as punishment

I know he thinks that I enjoy spanking too much for it to be a punishment, but when he spanks me for being naughty it really triggers my “you are submissive follow the rules” mental processing.  That keeps me on track to behave – and those spanks always hurt… I’m not saying I don’t get turned on too… but they do work.

Yesterday I rolled my eyes and was somewhat disrespectful… I received one firm spank on my left bum cheek… when asked if I wanted another, I declined..  I didn’t feel like being disrespectful any more.

He has done this before, taken me to the kitchen table and bent me over it to administer a couple of spanks.  That also served its purpose.

It seem like the chat worked well, given my punishment yesterday.


I’d asked Mr H if he could try talking more during play and he has been doing.  So I thanked him for doing that.

He said it felt strange but I’m hoping it will feel less so the more he does it, because it really turns me on.

I have imagined him talking when I have permission to masturbate, telling me how wet I am, how I’m his, telling me what he’s going to do before he does it.. and it definitely gets me hot and ready.

So what am I going to do with you now…

I half persuaded, half enabled our son to go out last night with a friend so we had some alone time.

I asked Mr H if he could give me a hint of what he had planned and he licked his lips.  I bit mine….

It’s been a while since Mr H treated me to some oral play, and although I haven’t yet purchased one, after reading about the benefits of a sex wedge I decided to pop the pillows on the bed under me, raising me up a little.

I lay down on the mat.

Mr H took the belt off my dressing gown and asked me for my wrists.  He tied them together and then to the headboard above my head.

He kissed me and said “what am I going to do with you now?”

He kissed me again, and I replied, “anything you like Sir.”

“I can feel myself getting hard against your body”

He moved down the bed and settled between my legs.  Slowly he licked me.  My eyes rolled back in my head.  He licked me the way I like, firmly in smooth strokes.  When I needed it, he pushed a finger into me, over and over again, bringing me close to the edge.

Cock sucking

He moved to the side of the bed, and pushed his into my mouth.  I love sucking his cock.  It is one thing guaranteed to send me over the edge to climax when I’m hovering.  Feeling his hard cock at the back of my throat never fails.  He teased me, not allowing me to take him all the way in.

I love the way he teases.  I love the way he fucks me.  He pulled away from me and went to his side of the bed.  He had obviously prepared while I was in the bathroom.  He picked up the doxy, switched it on, and came towards me on the bed.

He placed it between my legs and rolled it.  He put his cock my mouth again and holding my head down, he pumped his cock into my mouth, I came.  And stayed there.  The waves of orgasm rippling through me.  He moved his hand from my head and untied the dressing gown tie.

I grabbed at his ass and pulled his cock deeper into my mouth.  He turned the doxy up.

My hips bucked and the waves peaked higher.  I squirted and I felt the fluid hit my body.  Another orgasm ripped through me.

Are you going to take my cum?

Mr H pulled his cock from my mouth again and repositioned his body between my legs, he pushed his cock into my pussy and keeping the doxy on my clit, he fucked me.  He asked me “Are you going to take my cum?” I said “yes, yes please yes” and he came.

My body was shaking for quite some time after the orgasm abated.

Mr H was very, very good to me.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  



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  1. It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to orgasm and then “stay there”. The closest males can come to that feeling is to be edged repeatedly and then ultimately denied.

    1. Really? That’s interesting…. is that why you like it? Is it almost like the orgasm isn’t as “nice” as the edging ??

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun to me, it’s good to re-read over your rules. I can be easy to slip and not realise.

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