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What’s so great about the Satisfyer Double Joy?

I can’t remember exactly when Satisfyer sent me this toy to review, it must be at least 18 months ago because when we moved some things around in the bedroom to accommodate a new wardrobe we found the boxes still wrapped in tissue paper in a drawer. Well actually there were 2 boxes, but this post is about the Double Joy. Mr H investigated the contents and to his delight discovered that the Double Joy has an app you can download to your device in order to control it. To say he has had a lot of fun working out how to use the app would be an understatement.

Basic Info

The Double Joy is waterproof and uses Satisfyers magnetic charging system so there are no holes in the exterior. As well as being controlled by the app it also has buttons on the body of the vibrator. It comes beautifully wrapped in a stylish box.

Downloading the app.

The app was easy enough to download using Google Play and you have to create an account to use a device as it allows you to register the Double Joy. There is a demo mode but Mr H created the account and began playing.

There are a couple of features we won’t be testing but are worth a mention. If you have a friend who also has a Double Joy you can connect more than one toy, and you can share control of your Double Joy with someone else.

Functions of the Double Joy.

There are two motors in the toy and each can be controlled separately within the app using the touch screen.

One operating mode of the toy is sound vibration. It will pick up ambient sounds using the speaker on your phone and vibrate the toy to the sounds. It definitely stopped me giggling when I realised it was reacting to my laughter! Mr H found it highly amusing to alternate between whispering and speaking very loudly!

Value for money.

At just £35.95 the Double Joy is great value, especially given all the functions of the app. Mr H definitely likes it. I have found in general that the Satisfyer toys are generally well priced, and this isn’t the first I have reviewed.

Will it get your rocks off?

Not likely. Well not on its own, at least not me. I need a little more buzz and movement but we haven’t yet tried it with Mr H inside me …. watch this space for that report…. but we do plan to use it in some public places and again when that happens I will report back. In this test Mr H inserted the toy and sat me up so my body kept it on my clit. I admit I giggled and laughed more than anything, some of that was the silly voices Mr H kept using to make the Double Joy Vibrate more, and some due to the 4 orgasms I had already had! This might have been rather different if it were used to tease prior to play instead of after.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I shall of course share more when we have tested more!

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


Disclaimer: Satisfyer sent me the Double Joy free of charge in exchange for my review, however, I try to be unbiased in my review. Check out my other reviews HERE.

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  1. Hmmm. Then you really didn’t “test” this product. My wife and I have. Good luck keeping it place when your man starts actually moving. It’s sooo not a good value. Anyway, truly do love your site.

    1. I think I have said in the post that we will be reviewing it further when we have used it during actual play. My husband wanted to see if it could be used as a stand alone item, and theoretically you could. We have other toys similar to this and I agree they are not at all practical. They do not allow for the movement and I think they hope the vibrations alone with provide the necessary stimulus.

      I’m quite boring when it comes to vibrators. I like the doxy wands, and my trusty promises (which has gone missing) and I only like a constant vibration.

      I am glad you like the site and enjoy reading the posts.

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