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Bestvibe Double Head Mini Wand Review

Bestvibe contacted me via Twitter and asked me if I did sponsored posts.  I replied that I had not but I was willing to do a product review.  They asked me to select an item from their site.  I did want to review a remote controlled wearable vibrator as MrH and I have talked about this for a while.  Although we do have some their range is limited and one with a phone app would be much more fun.  MrH wants to be able to be in the bath, or at work and play with me.  Unfortunately this product was not in stock.  My next choice was a strap on dildo which attaches to MrH cock and allows for double penetration.  Again not in stock.  They did have my third choice, a Double Head Mini Wand.  Another wand you say? Yes, I mean can you have too many wands? I don’t think so.

Packaging and Delivery

Bestvibe contacted me last Saturday and I received it yesterday (Thursday).  It was delivered by DPD and fulfilled by Amazon so the packaging was plain and discrete.  The product box itself is understated.

The Double Head Wand comes with a storage bag, instruction manual and charging cable.

First Impressions

The Wand is not a bad size, and it fits nicely in my hand.  It feels smooth to my touch, the colour is nice and it feels quite substantial in my hand.  A short press of the button turns it on and I think it is relatively quiet.   There are two buttons, to control the different ends of the wand, and you scroll through the ten options with each subsequent press.  The first 3 settings are constant vibrations at different speeds, the next 7 are patterned vibrations.

Getting to the good bit.

Of course the only thing you really want to know is what is it really like and, does it get the job done?  If you haven’t already done so here is how this story begins. And, when i ended this Mr H had just turned the mini wand on.

The hand sized wand in action

He reached between my legs and the wand head made contact with my body.  It wasn’t quite in the right place, and thanks to the way Mr H had been making me talk to him, and perhaps a little courage on my part I spoke up.

“Please can you move it a little further back?” I asked.

Mr H slowly moved the wand.  I cried out when he hit the right spot, and although I am sure he knew he was in the right place, he asked “just there?”

“Yes,” I said, although I probably sounded more like a moan too.

Mr H held it there, the vibrations running through me, the feeling was delicious, and I felt an orgasm building.  He moved the clone then, in and out, fucking my arse with it and the first orgasm washed over me.  My body convulsed, moaning and groaning loudly.  The orgasm abated, then built again, the wand and the anal fucking working together to push me again towards that second climax.  Then a third. Finally a deep orgasm rumbled through me, the kind that leaves me shaking all over and spent.

Mr H turned the wand off, and thrust his cock into me, he was clearly very aroused by the play, and I felt full with his clone in my arse and him in my pussy.  He removed the clone so he could take his own climax.   Afterwards, my legs like jelly, he helped me onto the bed and covered me with blankets.  He lay with me for, I don’t know how long, but while my body shook from the adrenaline and climax he held me and soothed me.  When the shaking stopped he continued to hold me as I drifted slowly back to earth.

Solo Testing

I also tested the wand alone.  I am not a fan of the none wand head end.  It is just a little too firm for my liking, and although its marketed as a G-spot toy I didn’t like it inside me either.  It does fit nicely in the hand though.  The wand head is good.  It is quiet even when the speed is turned up.  I am an impatient masturbator, I don’t tease myself, or draw it out, I just want to get it done.  I turned it straight up to the middle speed, and to the top speed to finish off, but it did the job admirably.  To tantalise Mr H I recorded my play and sent him an audio clip.

Double Head Mini Wand final thoughts

I have a mini wand this size already, but it was cheap (costing only £14.99) and the Bestvide wand knocks it out of the park. For a relatively small wand it packs a decent orgasm! Bestvibe deliver worldwide, and this wand retails at $24.99 which works out as £18.75, based on today’s currency conversion rate. The storage bag is nice too, simple and discrete.

My only criticism is the power connection points.  They are raised slightly and they scratched me if I ran my fingers over them.

I have to say I was impressed with this double head mini wand.  I climaxed quickly and more than once; it is quiet and waterproof, easy to clean and definately pressed all the right buttons for me.  Given it’s reasonable price, and easy to transport in a purse size, it is certainly worth adding to your toy box.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


Bestvibe sent me the Double Head Mini Wand free of charge in exchange for my review.  This in no way influences my writing and I will always review things honestly and without bias.


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  1. Everything about this review is sexy as hell. Love the photo… but the audio…. Ahem… delightful. Sounds like it got the job done, then? Bestvibe contacted me as well. Free sex toys are my favourite kind of sex toys lol

  2. BestVibe has also contacted me. So I will also be doing a review of new product soon. Your experience sounds delightful.

  3. thanks for your honest review!

    1. It was – if you’ll pardon the pun- my pleasure

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