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Satisfyer Air Pulse Vibrator reviews

I decided to review all three Satisfyer Air Pulse Vibrator Toys together as they are part of the same range, and therefore similar.  If you want to see more information on the range or specific toy, click HERE to visit the Satisfyer UK website.

Air Pulse Pro 2.

The Air Pluse Pro 2 is rose coloured, has an angled head, uses magnetic charging and is fully waterproof. 

The body feels light and plasticky, and the vibrating head feels quite hard.  That said the handle is shaped and fits nicely into the hand.  The power buttons are well defined and Mr H said this was the easiest to use because of this. At £53.95 this isn’t a cheap toy, but in all honesty the feel of the handle makes it feel a bit cheap. 

Air Pulse Pro 3.

The Air Pulse Pro 3 is black, has the head at the end, uses magnetic charging and is fully waterproof. 

The body feels soft, but solid and the vibrating head is relatively soft.  The power buttons are flush to the body and on the back of the vibrator making them difficult to see and find, especially in low lighting. Mr H and I both found this to be a problem having to turn a light on in order to find the buttons before we could start play.  This also costs £53.95 same as the Pro 2 and despite the buttons being awkward, if you only have this to spend I would go with this one over the Pro 2.

Air Pulse High Fashion.

The Air Pulse High Fashion is silver, has the head at an angle, uses magnetic charging and is fully waterproof.  It comes with a gorgeous black bag to keep it in and the box also looks really nice. 

The body feels sleek, smooth, nice in the hand, and the head is wonderfully soft.  I thought this one was the nicest to use. 

At £133.96 it is the most expensive so it stands to reason this is the one I like most. This one will definitely be one I ask Mr H to use or allow me to use again.

In the hands of Mr H.

Mr H got the lube out and lined all three toys up.  He started with the Pro 2, playing about feeling the different intensities and turned on the air pulse. He put it on his nose and nipple which made me giggle at the faces he pulled, then he turned to me.

Applying the lube (we do favour the Paloqueth lube which they sent us to test) generously to my clit he turned vibration and the air pulse to a mid level setting, and starting above my clit he moved the pro2 down.  I gasped when he hit the right spot.  The pulses and vibrations stimulating my clit just nicely.  He watched my reactions closely and after a little while I asked him to turn it up.   He obliged. The sensations increased and I was pulled closer to climax.   Mr H began touching me, finger fucking me, which felt amazing with the external stimulation.  Still I stayed on the edge. 

Mr H decided to change toys, picking up the Pro 3.  Here we hit a snag.  We had to pause completely to find the buttons.  Mr H, having powered it on, applied more lube and set to work! The Pro 3 felt different, softer and it had more power.  I enjoyed the feelings it produced especially when Mr H fingered me too. 

He worked me over thoroughly but my body was not for coming..

Mr H decided to switch things up.  He picked the Pro 2 back up and putting his cock inside me put the end back on my clit.  The change in body position, the feeling of exposure, and the Pro 2 combined, pushed me into a nice satisfying climax.

Not finished with me yet, Mr H picked up the High Fashion.  He was still inside me, but I had curled up so my knees were together.  Mr H looked at me. 

“Open your legs.” It wasn’t a request, and yet I hesitated.

“Open them.”

I did as I was told.   He put the end of the High Fashion on me.  This one is my favourite, I like the feel best, but the earlier stimulation had sated me and as nice as the feelings were it was not going to build easily to a second climax. I indicated as much to Mr H and he put the toy aside, and fucked me to his own climax.  

In the hands of Sweetgirl.

I put the mat down and got out the lube. I liked the look of the High Fashion and so started with this one.  Mr H laughed at me as he went for his bath, saying I looked “very serious”.  Of course I looked serious! I take these reviews very seriously… it’s not all fun and games, you know??  I started off on the lowest setting.  Moving the end around to find the best spot.  On finding the best location I turned the Vibrations up. And up. On the highest continual setting I turned my attention to the air pulse.  I got to the middle and settled in to enjoy.  Within a few minutes I was close.  The feeling is unique.  Hard to describe but definitely does the job.  I turned it up one more level and well, one gushing squirting orgasm followed.  I was glad I put the mat down.  The High Fashion got top marks an A+ from me.

A few days later, I decided to give the Pro 3 a go.  It also produced a squirting orgasm, but I did find it harder to hold with the straight design. So whereas the High Fashion got an A+ this was a B. 

Future plans.

I think these will be toys we use again and I would definitely recommend them.  How you plan to use them would probably influence which I would recommend.  The angled heads are definitely easier to hold for solo play, I was able to lie comfortably with them whereas with the Pro 3 I felt hunched over to get the position right.

Mr H said he found the Pro 2 design best, he could see buttons in the dark, and feel them easily.  The Pro 3 was fine to hold but neither of us could easily locate the buttons.  There are luxury models with this style and the operating buttons are more visible, if Satisfyer do a redesign on this Pro 3 I would suggest making the buttons more tactile or perhaps light up. 

Personally, I am hoping that Mr H gets comfortable and familiar with the High Fashion as that is my favourite and I am thrilled to have this in our toy box. 

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


Satisfyer sent me this toy in free of charge in exchange for my review, and as you can see, my reviews are always unbiased, not always positive, and entirely my own. 😊

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  1. This is interesting Sweet. I have these three too and have enjoyed playing with the all but haven’t done a comparison like this. I like the High Fashion too 🙂

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