While I’ve got you there

I briefly mentioned in a recent post that I had ordered some stockings without permission.  MrH does not like to punish me and so I didn’t know if he would.  I found out last night.

While I’ve got you there.

Every evening MrH changes my collar.  I stand in front of him and he removes by chain and replaces it with my night collar.  After this is done he applies an ibuprofen gel to my back; I lean over the bed while he does so my body weight is on my arms.  Yesterday, after he had applied the gel he left his hand on my back, preventing me from standing back up.

“While I have got you there,” he said, “you ordered something this week without permission.”  His voice was stern, low and serious.  My heart beat increased, and in that moment, I did not want to be in trouble.

I had realised after I ordered the stockings, that not once had I considered asking permission.  I had seen them, thought they would look nice, that MrH would think they were fun and ordered them.  It was only when MrH asked me if I had ordered something from Ann Summers (he gets an email notification) that I had to confess.

“I won’t do it again.” I said quickly, hoping that if I sounded sorry enough, he might not punish me.

“Are you sure?” he asked

“Yes.” I sounded confident, I am sure I did.  I had no idea what he planned but my backside was definitely a possible target, and although punishment spanking has been discussed a few times, he has never confirmed he would actually do it.   I suddenly felt very nervous.

“If you want to order something as a surprise, what should you do?” He asked.

I grasped at this, perhaps I was heading for some lines, and replied, “I should ask if I can buy something as a surprise so I don’t have to tell you what it is.”

“Yes, you should,” he has leaned forward and is talking next to my ear.  “Remember I do this because I love you.”


The sound of his hand making contact with my right buttock made my ears ring, and my head spin.  I gasped out loud as I drew in a sharp breath.  He followed this by landing a second blow to my left buttock.  It sounded like a clap of thunder.  So loud, it echoed around the room.

I felt dazed, my backside was stinging.  He had not spanked me as hard as he could; that had left a welt, but this was not fun.  My head spun, and I staggered a little.  MrH had decided to punish me and it had not been fun.  A few hours later my bottom was stinging.

Do punishments work?

I believe I respond to this type of punishment, but at the same time I know MrH does not really want to punish me like this; and I do not want to put him in that position again.  I know that as much as it will serve to remind me of the rule, he did not want to do it, which will add to the deterrent.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  



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  1. We have a similar rule. And He responds in much the same way. His not wanting to do it makes me feel all the more guilty.

  2. Not a fan of doing punishment, but it certainly has its place if it has the desired effects.

    1. Neither is MrH so I better not make him have to do it again…

  3. Punishment spankings are certainly far different than fun spankings! HD doesn’t enjoy punishing me but he is willing to do it as much as needed (my bum stayed sore for a while at first!)

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