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8th December 2018

Today’s the day our rules are reset.

Today’s the day our dynamic gets back on track properly. Let me explain…..

MrH emailed me yesterday (text below) with his thoughts on how we can achieve this, which we then discussed last night.

As you know my love I have been thinking about where we are at and where we are going and would like your thoughts on the below.
1. Matching underwear to be worn Mon to Thurs
2. Friday is no pantie day
3. Food eaten must be on plan unless an exception is requested.
4. You are to stop work for dinner unless there is a request from the directors.
5. 1 litre of water must drank daily
6. Nothing may be ordered online or bought in shop without asking first.
Rule 1.  I will pick the colour that you will be wearing and you will the select clothing appropriate.
Rule 2.   You may request to wear panties if you feel it will affect your working day.
Rule 3. Requires you to confirm what you are eating and it’s Syn value via messaging app.
Rule 4. Requires you to confirm when you start dinner and when you finish via messaging app.
Rule 5.  Will require picture evidence throughout the day.
Rule 6.  No items can be purchased without permission.  Where things are ordered off the internet a copy of the order must but forwarded to this email address.  Any item purchased without permission or if on inspection of the copy of the order being forwarded after permission is granted that was in fact ordered before permission was granted will be returned and you will not be allowed to order for three months.  There are exceptions such as cat food and cat litter.
Should you break the rules the punishment will vary depending on how often you have broken that rule.
1. A warning or written lines may be given.
2. Written Lines and 10 strokes of the cane (without warmup)
3. A number of strokes with the cane without warm up
On the flip side there will be Rewards for when you follow the rules.
All my love
Mr H

When I read this email, my body, my whole body relaxed and I didn’t realise I had been tense. I relaxed because I could, because I knew he understood what I have been asking for, what I need, and is willing to do it. We are moving into the realm of Domestic Discipline.
When we started and we explored spanking and caning, MrH said these clearly couldn’t be punishments as I enjoyed them. Which I do – very much – but I am not a pain masochist. I have said a few times that if he wanted to I was quite sure he could make sure I didn’t enjoy it.
The thing is, I think MrH fights a conflict within him.. he has on occasion said he can be quite sadistic, but that isn’t a side of himself he’s really shown to me. He’s hinted at it, perhaps to see my reaction? I don’t know but one time he said:
“It would be nice to have a house in the middle of nowhere- then no one could hear you scream.”
It was an uncomfortable walk home from the supermarket for me after he had said this as I my pussy was soaking wet, i was in jeans and it was a hot day, and I wanted nothing more than him to push me to my knees in the middle of the street and fuck my face until he was ready to cum, then strip me and bend me over and cum in my pussy for all to see…. kind of a “this is mine!!!!” But I digress.
Despite the effect his words had I don’t think I would actually find it arousing. Pain, in the way he describes as punishment in his email, will be a deterrent. Being told off being punished, no I will try to avoid that. I know MrH will not want to do it either and so if I break the rules and he has to I will not only have a sore backside but I will feel very badly.
So, I asked a couple of questions, clarified a couple of details, and agreed to follow the rules. MrH said I could of course ask questions at anytime, and he’d rather I checked than assumed.
I love that he will pick the colour underwear, when he introduced the rule originally I would ask him if he had a preference and sometimes he did but often he would just say as long as it matches it’s fine. Secretly (probably not so secretly) I wanted him to pick, to make that decision. Now he’s told me that he will do this I can start each day knowing I am pleasing him by wearing what he’s chosen.
I went into our Amazon and EBay accounts and changed the email address, so if anything is bought the emails go directly to MrH. I figured this was easier than forwarding them on.
I asked if hot drinks and sparking water counted towards the water intake. And he agreed it did but we needed a way to count it. So this morning I have measured the cup/glass so we know how much is in each. 1 litre should be pretty easy to hit as one glass has 400ml capacity and my cup has 300ml. By 10:40 am I had drunk 1.3 litres. (I wonder how long it will take for this target to be increased to 2 litres 🤔😂)
So this morning I have got up and went to weigh in. It’s been 3 weeks and surprisingly I have lost 4 lbs. The rules are now back on and MrH selected Black underwear.
Lots to do this weekend. Sewing and installing the new hanging system in the dressing room. The menu is done and the food shopping ordered which we do together each week.
I’ve managed to reduce my daily tramadol by 100mg without any side effects too.
In all I’m feeling really really good.

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