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Being Intimate.

Last night S2 went out with some friends and Mr H and I were alone.  You may recall from my post No sex, no desire. that we have had a blip when it comes to being intimate, but had spoken about the reasons and were planning to rectify the situation.  Finding time and space to be freely intimate isn’t easy however when you have an adult son in the room next door, especially one with a knack of deciding to leave his room to make a drink or something to eat at the very moment we begin any kind of fuckery.  Seriously, Mr H only has to reach out for me and that boy opens his bedroom door!

It begins with a promise.

We knew S2 was planning to go out, and even though I tried hard not to get excited, Mr H promised that we would have some play time.  Unfortunately during the week Mr H hurt his left wrist while trying to scoop some ice-cream out of a tub for me.  I must point out that the ice-cream was so hard it bent the spoon, and it appears he has sprained his wrist as it is swollen and very painful. I worried that this would put a crimp in play as Mr H is left handed, but I was assured he wanted to go ahead.  Friday morning arrived and Mr H headed off to work and I decided that during the day I would do a little gardening.

Trimming the bush.

While I know Mr H would not have minded either way, I know he prefers me to remove my pubic hair.  In all fairness, I too prefer it when he trims his pubic hair; he does not shave it off but he trims it to about 2 mm long.  It stops it tickling my nose and prevents the very unsexy search for the pubic hair that is stuck in your mouth!  No-one wants any kind of fuckery to be interrupted by a stray hair.

After dinner I used my step and grab rails to stand naked in the bath and very carefully trimmed my pubic hair with the trimmer.  I removed the evidence and went to rest while the pain eased.  A few hours later I went back and shaved.  I felt very proud of myself for achieving this as it took some doing.  I had to use my grab stick to put my feet into my panties and pull them up, as Mr H usually helps me to dress and undress.  I still needed to shave my legs but decided that would have to wait until I had my evening shower when Mr H was there.

I know that if I had asked him Mr H would have done all this for me, but I wanted him to be able to look at me without placing himself into the role of caretaker and I think if I had asked him to do it, he would have either said, I don’t need you to be hair free, or it could have potentially ruined the mood.  Then again we fucked for years without either of us shaving, trimming or waxing so perhaps I am making more of it than I need to.

Setting the mood.

When Mr H came home from work I told him I had managed to shave myself for him and he replied that he would trim himself too.  This was the first time I allowed myself to believe that we would definitely play, and I felt a shift in my mind set, and a tingle of anticipation in my stomach. 

Our evening continued normally and when I went in the shower I shaved my legs and underarms.  Mr H helped me out of the bath and dried me.  He disappeared into the bathroom and came back naked and trimmed.  I admired his body as he walked around the bed and as I was making myself a drink I stroked his cock gently with my hand.  His cock stirred under my fingers. 

He lifted the nightdress that I was wearing, (a simple white cotton thing that is cool and not in the slightest bit sexy!) and reached between my legs.  He told me to open my legs and I did, although it wasn’t easy.  His fingers found my clit and slowly he moved his hand.  My heartbeat quickened and my breathing hitched.  My pussy woke up. I wanted him to fuck me.


Smiling Mr H withdrew his hand and went to have his bath.  I made my drink and settled in bed with my knitting.  He had got three toys out earlier and they were on the bed next to me, a little reminder that the fuckery would soon begin.

Just like that.

Mr H helped me lay comfortably on the bed, and he climbed on (our bed is quite high) between my legs to kiss me.  I love that position, you know what some people think of as “boring”, the missionary, but I like to feel him over me, his presence and heat, especially when he kisses me, it feels more intimate somehow.  He left me then to sit between my legs and he picked up the small wand, applied some lube and turned it on.

I guided him a little more than I would normally.  Telling him where to place the mini wand and how to move it.  I don’t know where it came from as usually I feel too uncomfortable to speak up during play but yesterday I didn’t.  I am going to keep the exact details private.  It was wonderful and satisfying and somehow extremely intimate so I want to keep it all to myself.  Suffice to say it was worth the wait, and I am looking forward to more intimate moments in the future.

Sweetgirl x

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