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It feels like ages since I blogged and yet I know it’s not.  At the moment I’m tired and I feel like I have nothing new or interesting to say.  Our D/s is tripping along on an even keel. We are talking on Wednesday evenings. We have a cane session on a Sunday and a Wednesday evening too. I told MrH that I was not getting the same effect from the cane as I had got used to it and so he increased the impact a little to great effect.

I can’t say things are particularly exciting at the moment but then again how many of our lives are exciting all the time?

So what’s going on?

We have ordered gravel for the back garden. Next weekend it will be delivered and we will no longer have a black plastic/weed membrane garden!

I have had new tyres fitted to my motorbike.

MrH has ordered some new candles for wax play; they will be delivered in a few weeks (they are custom made) and, he has also ordered some more rope.

I purchased a new toy for the cats and it’s really engaged them. Even my female cat B is playing with it. It’s a hunting toy, it mimics a bird in flight and they jump and chase it. As both cats are a little “padded against illness” anything that gets them moving about is good.

My male cat J is an exuberant hunter and so B is often reluctant to play. This new toy has her chasing and jumping after the toy.

What’s new?

Well nothing much.

I was allowed to give Sir a blow job on Thursday. I’ve been horny ever since.

What’s next?

I’m not sure.

We may go and look at some comms for us to use when we’re out on the bikes tomorrow. We also have to take J to the vets for his annual injections.

At the moment I feel slightly disconnected. I don’t know why.

Well I have theories but I don’t know for sure.

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  1. Normality is an enemy of connection! Something needs to spark that feeling again. You’ll grab it sometime.

  2. David says:

    I think we all go through the feelings of being disconnected – I’m the same atm, haven’t got a scooby doo why. Keep on keeping on, no doubt you’ll feel better soon. x

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