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Twisted fairytale

The Princess Bride is one of my favourite movies. Based on the book of the same name by William Goldman, I believe it is the perfect combination of funny and weird. The pirate is the hero, the prince is the bad guy and, well, it suits my sense of humour!


It stars some of my favourite childhood stars too. Fred Savage plays the grandson who is ill in the movie, and Peter Falk (better known as Colombo) the grandfather. He comes to look after him while his mother goes to work by telling him the story. “When I was your age, TV was called books” he tells him. The boy agrees to listen to the story, which is of course THe Princess Bride, because it has action in it and his grandfather agrees to skip the kissing bits. He changes his mind at the end of course!

“I do not think it means what you think it means”

One of the reasons I love this movie, I have never read the book, is that nothing seems to be straightforward. The expected formula for a fairytale is changed and tweaked just enough to make it interesting. The hero dies and is brought back to life. The heroine marries the evil prince before being rescued. I enjoy the sarcasm and the strangeness. While there is still what you would expect from a fairytale, a happy ending.

“What’s worth living for?”

As I mentioned The hero Wesley (played by Cary Elwes) is killed and his companions the former bad guys, are tying to persuade a wizard, of sorts, to bring him back to life. The wizard asks him what’s worth living for? The answer given in the movie is “true love” and well I agree. Yes it’s soppy but still I think for me, MrH makes my life worthwhile. That isn’t to say I would be unable to live without him, but rather that I know he makes my life better.

It should be mentioned that the wizard only actually brings him back to life in order to get revenge on the prince who sacked him.

Love and Kink

I am a romantic. I know I am. I’d like to think that even when death separates us our love will endure. Which is why I do love the fairytale romances. But this movie also caters to my fantasies in a different way.  I’d love MrH to dress as a pirate and “rescue me” I’d be soooo grateful 😉.  It probably explains why I am also working on a pirate themed D/s novel.   I’d love him to sweep me off my feet, onto the back of a horse and ride off into the sunset with me, but as that’s not possible I guess I’ll have to settle for him holding my hand!

I love it when he ties me up and tugs me to him.

I love it when he’s rough and demanding.

I like to feel safe and protected.

I like to feel powerless. I need it.

I like to imagine him dressed the pirate hero/true love/soul mate in this movie. He is all those things in civilian clothes you see so I just have to imagine the clothing.

I guess that’s why I also love pirates of the Caribbean!!!!  So, if you have never watched the cult classic The Princess Bride, and you enjoy fairy tales with a twist, why not give it a go…

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Mr H says:

    Why has all the rum gone?

    1. You drank it??

  2. A great movie! I am always watching out for R.O.U.S. as I go about my day!

    1. Indeed they are quite fierce!

  3. Such a good movie! When scrolling through the Jack Sparrow pic, bf saw and started going “drink up me’harties, yo ho!” xD Looks like you’re not the only one with a pirate lol!

    1. Hehehe

  4. I also love this movie! It’s one I watch over and over, so much so I have it mostly memorized. I even went to a special screening at a local theater with themed cocktails. It was awesome.
    Hmm, I may go watch it right now…

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