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Friday Night Fun

It’s Friday Night and J has gone to work, MrH dropped him off and we are alone until 10pm.  MrH plans to play, if the kiss he gave me earlier is anything to go by.  My body had responded to that kiss like a horny wanton slut. Tea was cooked and eaten when MrH came into the room with a handful of black and said “when you have showered, shaved and so on, you are required to wear these.”


I can’t lie, my body responded with a hell yes! I had to warn him that the Bodysuit he had picked may not fit, with the weight I have gained.  Fortunately it did.  He had also selected a suspender belt and stockings.

I went into the bathroom to get shaved and, when I returned to the bedroom, he had got out a pair of heels.  These particular shoes are great to look at but not to kneel or walk in, and I can’t stand up for long either.  Knowing MrH would take this into account I got dressed in the clothes he had chosen.  He fastened the suspender belt, ran his hands over my body, and pressed his groin against my backside.  I could feel his appreciation.

Rope Work.

He swapped my collar and we went through our ritual exchange.   Then he added, “who owns you?” And I replied, “You do.”

He asked if the shoes were ok to be worn while laid on the bed and I told him that was fine.  He had me lay on the bed so my feet were over the edge, ” I just need to be able to get to your legs,” he said.  We put a few pillows under me so I was comfortable and then he got his rope out.

I lay relaxed and calm as he tied my leg in the rope. It’s been a while since he got the ropes out and I allow myself to watch him as he worked, seeing the concentration on his face.  It sounds soppy but I felt waves of love wash over me as I watched him.  Maybe I should have called this post Falling in Love on a Friday Night….  But I digress.  He worked thoughtfully asking me often if I was alright and wasn’t experiencing any loss of feeling. When he was done he asked me if I could stand for a moment while he took some pictures and I said I could. Here they are.

What should I do with you now?

The photos taken, he removed the rope and shoes.  “Stand up,” he instructed.  I complied and stood.  “I don’t think I need you in this anymore, let’s get you naked.”  My body responded appropriately, my pussy got wet, blood rushed to my groin.  He pulled the groin press-studs apart, I think he likes the sound, and removed the suspenders, stockings and bodysuit.

He turned me around to face the bed, and bent me forward.  “Spred your legs,” he said, his voice gruff.  I could tell he liked the view, and whatever he was planning in his head.  I did as I was told opening myself to him.  He pushed his fingers deep into my pussy, and I moaned.  It felt so good. His fingers plunged into me again and again.  He grabbed a handful of my hair and lifted my body up.  “You’re very wet aren’t you?” He asked.

“Yes Sir,” I said, blushing.

“What should I do with you now?” He asked, ‘hmm?”

“Anything you want Sir,” I breathed in response.

“Hmmm anything?” He replied..

And he did.

“Get you head back down,” he said pushing my body back onto the bed.  His cock pushed into my pussy, and he fucked me hard for a few minutes.   Then he pulled out and left me bent over the bed. I heard drawers opening, and him selecting whatever toys he wanted.

“Stand up,” he said and when I did he put a mat under me hanging down to the floor, and the other mat on the floor between my legs.  Embarrassment filled me, he was making sure nothing got wet if I squirted, and while I was grateful for his thoughtfulness, I couldn’t escape the feeling of shame too.

The mats in place he pushed me once again over the bed and I rested waiting.  Enjoying the anticipation.   He parted my bum cheeks and covered me in lube.  I felt something press against my hole and relaxed allowing it to enter me; it was the clone.  I could tell.  I moaned as it filled me, deeper and deeper.

“You are an anal slut aren’t you?” He asked as he fucked my arse with the clone.

“Yes,” I moaned.

A humming sound told me he had turned on a vibrator, and he reached between my legs with it.

Don’t stop there!

I know, I know, I’m a tease to stop there…. but I promise, there is more to come 😉 look out for the next post from Friday Night’s Fun, which will feature a review of the BestVibe Double Head Mini Wand.

I hope you enjoyed Friday Night Fun,  if you did and want to show your appreciation, please leave a comment, or maybe support my work? Click on the Ko-fi link in the sidebar. Click HERE to go to read what happened next.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Sounds amazing! I look forward to the next episode! Tease!❤❤

  2. That rope work is gorgeous, and sounds like this was a great evening!

    Rebel xox

  3. […] is what is it really like and, does it get the job done?  If you haven’t already done so here is how this story begins. And, when i ended this Mr H had just turned the mini wand […]

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