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Our holiday- continued.

The story so far….  (see part one) Having been stripped naked, Mr H ordered me to suck his cock maintaining eye contact (a new challenge) before sending me to the bedroom and telling me to spread my ass cheeks.  And now the conclusion… Sir had decided on some anal play, and he applied lots of lube and inserted a butt toy.. at this point I had no idea which one.

It was our new toy… There is an image of it in the slideshow below.

Anal treat.

I was then ordered onto the bed face up. He then placed a blindfold on me. He stroked me all over until my body tingled. Then he got the pin wheel and ran it over my body and nipples. MrH used his mouth and fingers on my dripping pussy as well as using the finger hole on the butt plug to move this in and out.

Lost in the sensations I was not impressed when work called 😡

After I finished dealing with that Mr H resumed play. I didn’t count the number of orgasms I had – just enjoying the sensations, the bliss. Sir got his clone and allowing me to suck his cock again he used the clone to fuck my pussy. He alternated between allowing me to suck and please him to fucking my mouth. I was just lost, floating, moaning…. when he finally decided to cum he replaced the clone with his cock and I felt his release as he moaned, the pulse of his cock in my sensitive pussy.

He held me against his body as my body shuddered with the aftermath of play.

Evening fun.

We cuddled more, had biscuits and drinks, before getting ready for our evening meal. As Friday is no pantie day I remained pantie free even though I was in a dress. As always the food was amazing.

We spent the evening cuddling and watching tv. I love these quiet times. There’s something wonderful about a relationship when it gets to the point that you don’t need to talk. Being with each other is enough. When you’re laid with your head on their shoulder and they are gently almost absentmindedly stroking your arm or back, it’s beautiful…..

My hands and mouth had wandered during the evening. And having placed myself between his legs I used my breasts to stroke his cock. I do love the silkiness of his cock how I can press my breasts against it and how the movement pulls the foreskin back and the tip emerges from between them. MrH decided to end the day with more play and he got up and placed a mat onto a chair. He sat on the chair and told me to sit on his cock. He picked up the wand from his table top of toys and reached round to place it on my pussy and clit. This position and the wand brought me quickly to orgasm and he pushed the wand into my hand telling me to continue as he held my hips. My body rocking and moving as the orgasms rocked through me, fading and building, one after the other until my legs buckled.

Sir carried me to the bed and leaned me over the bottom of the bed. I lay there and I heard him opening a condom. He put lube onto my butt in readiness for more anal play and firmly pushed his cock into my ass. He filled me, and as he pushed in he stretched me, there was some discomfort but nothing close to pain, and the more he moved the discomfort eased. It wasn’t long before pleasure overcame me and another orgasm pulsed through me and Sir, after removing the condom, changed to my pussy and came. It was a perfect end to Friday.

Saturday begins.

Saturday we woke up and went swimming. The pool at the hotel is something we have often said we will use and have never done so. I did push Sir into it a little as he was ambivalent at first but I think he enjoyed it when we got there. It’s a nice size and comfortable temperature. If not for feeling hungry I think we would have stayed in longer.

We went for breakfast and then we headed out. There’s a Roman museum nearby that we’ve seen and as we both like history we planned to go. As a bonus we discovered that it was a festival weekend and so I suggested that I needed some cheap flip flops as my shoes while pretty were not suitable for walking round a festival for a few hours. We’d also seen an advert for a sewing shop in a nearby town and so we headed there first. I managed to get some elastic, needles and flip flops (oh and a dress 😊)…

We headed to the Roman festival. Disappointing. That’s the kindest way to describe it. We found it and parked. As we walked towards the entrance our pace slowed. We were about to pay £6 each to head into this event. An event where we were expecting to see re-enactment of the Roman Calvary (which should have meant there were horses right??? Wrong), crafts and demonstrations, archery etc…. there were 7 or 8 small stalls. One selling boho (modern) clothing. There wasn’t a horse in sight. We stopped 100 yards from the entrance.

“That looks shit,” I said. “I’m reluctant to pay £12 to go in.”

Sir suggested we sit on a bench and discuss it, it took us 3 mins to decide we had better things to spend £12 on, and we left.

Back at the Hotel.

Back at the hotel we watched some TV and I went to the bar for a sandwich, a steak and mozzarella panini. It was OK but I think I should have got a sandwich while we were out. We’d thought we’d be at the festival for a few hours and with the heat sandwiches would go off.

As we were sat on the sofa, I changed into a bra and panties set that MrH had chosen a few months ago but I had never worn. Within a short time MrH was again deep in my mouth…

He instructed me to stand and even though the patio door was open, and the privacy net was pulled to one side, he bent me over the table and pulled my panties down.

He slowly slid his cock into me and began to move…. he thrust into me and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head up to look out of the open door.

When he growled “are you ready for my cum?” My orgasm released and I managed to reply “please Sir” before he came too.

He left me over the table to take a photo. He told me to clamp my legs together so his cum didn’t drip onto the floor. After he took the photo, he pulled my panties up and told me to go clean up. (You can see on this image where the swelling on my spine is).

After we’d watched some more TV, snuggled… more drinks and snacks etc, MrH wanted to do some rope work, so putting on the underwear he chose I stood. He planned to suspend me from the door. He’d been looking through some books a very good friend has lent him, he’d practiced the ties on his own legs, and so he began.

Rope work.

I relaxed and enjoyed the feel of the rope surrounding me. His hands sure and gentle. He tied one leg into position using his body to take the weight while he tied and secured the rope. All the while checking I was OK and comfortable.

Unfortunately once the leg was in place and he rope was the only thing taking the weight I started to feel a coldness creeping up my foot, followed by a numbness. I immediately informed Sir and he took the weight of the leg to release the ropes.  He did a different tie instead.

I was very cross with my body. I felt it had let me down, let Sir down. He told me I was a good girl for telling him. My good friend wants me to go to the GP and tell them about the circulation issues- if I kneel for more than a few minutes my feet go numb.

We went for our evening meal, which was again, delightful, and then spent the evening snuggled and relaxed.

Sunday morning we went to breakfast, and then back to the room.

I was feeling sad that our weekend was coming to an end and Sir was too. But it wasn’t over yet.

Remember your rules.

Sir pulled a chair into the middle of the sitting room and sat down.

“Come here.” He said. So I did.

“Undo your jeans.” I complied.

“Pull them down. And your panties.” I did as he instructed unsure of where this was heading. He sounded stern. “Lay over my knee.” I did. He began stroking my exposed bottom.

“You haven’t been following your rules and I think you need a reminder. I get no pleasure from this but I do it to remind you,” he said, “Do you remember your rules?”

“Yes sir”

“I want you to say them out loud while I spank you. This will not be fun and it will hurt. The quicker you tell me your rules the quicker it will be over. Do you understand?” He said, calmly, firmly. My tummy clenched.

“Yes Sir” I replied. Then he began to spank me.

I think it took me three strikes before I started to speak. He was firm and they took my breath away.

“I mustn’t go downstairs at (smack) night without waking Sir”


“I mustn’t buy things off amazon (smack) or eBay without permission”


“I mustn’t buy anything except (smack) petrol without permission”


“I must follow the slimming (smack) world plan and ask before using syns”


“I’m not allowed to wear panties on Fridays”


“I sorry Sir I can’t remember any more”


“That’s all of them Sweetgirl.”

Throughout the whole thing he maintained a steady rhythm. My ass was very red and I felt so humbled.

He stood me up and led me to the bed. He pulled my jeans and panties off and released his cock, which was hard. I wondered momentarily what had turned him on, spanking me or the discipline element. He took me hard and I felt so owned. He was facing me, and I looked at his face, the primal look he had as he thrust into me. I am his I thought. Then I said it out loud. “I am yours” over and over again. He came, his essence spilling into me. Claiming me. Possessing me.

Time to go Home.

We packed and checked out. Sir drove home as we have discovered I often get violent flash backs on the drive home. Shudders, that make driving dangerous.

So there you have it, our weekend away.  Mr H treated me to lots of anal play during our time away, which he saves for as a special treat.  Perhaps not as detailed and graphic as some of you would like, but I trust your imaginations will embellish to suit your fantasies.

On a little side note- thank you so much to everyone who follows me, the fact that you enjoy reading about my experiences humbles me greatly. So, thank you.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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10 thoughts on “Our holiday- continued.”

  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend though the Roman Festival sounded a bit underwhelming! I do love that you don’t wear panties on Friday. That alone would have Angus pushing against the bars of his cage!!

  2. Well done for communicating when the numbness started to creep in when in rope. It’s so important, and let’s him keep you safe. ❤

    Your break sounds like a real treat, I love reading about your adventures. N x

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