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Today J is heartbroken, fuming and disappointed. The university rescinded the offer of a place. They have given him 3 reasons for their decision.

  1. One of his qualifications wasn’t what he thought it was and so he doesn’t have the required UCAS points to automatically qualify.
  2. The man who processed his application made a mistake and put that he had a level 3 qualification which he doesn’t.
  3. When the course tutor reviewed the application they decided that he didn’t have a strong enough background yet.

They have advised him to do a one year level 3 course before applying next year to start in year 1 (he was applying for foundation entry).  Unfortunately he has already told his friends he’s going to university. He was looking forward to a fresh start.  We’re fuming too of course, he was so excited and we’re worried about him given his recent history.

However, a back up plan has emerged which may prove to be even better.  He is thinking of going to Huddersfield and living with T. It benefits them both which is a bonus for me, cos helping 2 sons is better than 1.  T lives in a house share, with people he doesn’t know or like. He has been looking for a flat of his own but can’t afford it. If J goes over to live with him we will help with rent and J will attend college over there, doing an access course.

So tomorrow I am going to ring and see if he can get on the course while T tries to find suitable accommodation. We have lots to do and not long to do it in.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


10 thoughts on “Fuming”

  1. This sounds so hard sweet and I was really sorry to read about what has happened. I really hope that this other option works out as it sounds like it could be good all round. Hope he is ok and you too ❤️

  2. I’m so sorry that S2 has had to experience this especially much of it out of his control. But I too see a positive out for him. There are many paths to a successful future.

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