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Going Out.

After work on Monday, Mr H took me to the supermarket. We used our blue badge to park in the disabled bays, and I used my wheelchair for the first time outside. It wasn’t a long outing, and perhaps it isn’t really a date but we were together and out of the house! I urged Mr H to walk slower at one point so it wouldn’t be so quick, but being out in the fresh air, for just a short time was lovely. We haven’t been out much lately, well in the last year really, and it has taken its toll on us, and our dynamic. When we started our D/s journey we began to take time as a couple to do things together. You could say we went on date nights but we didn’t call them that, rather we took some time to be alone together. We never really dated in the traditional sense, ever. When we met I had a house of my own and a two and a half year old. We didn’t go out to the movies or for meals, we didn’t need to, we could eat and watch TV at my house – where there was also a king size bed within easy reach.

Hotel Breaks.

A few weeks after we started incorporating D/s into our relationship we went away overnight to a hotel. These hotel stays became a regular thing, our date nights, time we could set aside to play hard without worrying about S1 or S2 hearing us. We could relax and be, well free to enjoy one another’s company without the trappings of our everyday lives. I have written a number of posts about these hotel stays and I will list some of them at the end of the post.

Days out & Munches.

In addition to hotel stays we also went on a few days out, visiting country houses, castle ruins, and walking hand in hand on the beach. We also started to attend munches at the club near us. This was another opportunity to spend time alone, and one we enjoyed but as with everything else, my bad back has stopped us from attending them.

Time to be together.

What I have learned most of all from the last year, is that it is extreemly important to find a way to spend time as a couple, without your children and without friends or family. Over the last 12 months whenever we have gone out for a meal our children have been with us, and hotel stays have been cancelled. Next week we are going to go to our favorite hotel and even though we will have to adjust many of the things we would normally do in order to accomodate my back pain, I am absolutely positive that we will have a fantastic time, enjoy some amazing food, and feel very refreshed for spending some time alone together, on our version of a date.

Sweetgirl x

This post has been linked to the Food 4 Thought prompt, ‘Dates and Dating’ – please visit the page to see more posts on the topic by clicking HERE. These images are from some of the outings we have had and hope to do again.

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