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Treat others…

As you would wish to be treated.

These are the words I live by. I truly believe that what you do in this world comes back to you. So, if you treat others well you will likely be treated well in return.

If only everyone could live the same way.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. It almost works… My one correction is “As THEY would wish to be treated.” But the thrust of the maxim is the same: “if you treat others well you will likely be treated well in return”.

    1. I guess I can see why you would suggest that correction, but I stand by my wording.

      I wish to be treated with respect and kindness, so that is how I treat people.

      I have no idea how another person thinks or feels and so it would be impossible to treat them how ‘they’ would wish to be treated, and it would be impractical to start every interaction/communication with “how do you wish to be treated?” Sometimes you just want to pay for your shopping, or ask someone to move so you can pass them….

  2. I wholeheartedly agree!!

  3. Agreed! Growing up this was something I was told a lot, as well as ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. Both of which I still do to this day. Granted, we can’t like everyone, but even people I don’t gel with I still treat them with civility and decency. Partly because for me treating some negatively or being a jerk rubs of on my own sense of person and I just feel horrid and I don’t like that. I think your words of wisdom should definitely be followed by more people x

  4. I am so with this concept – I posted a comment on Blues blog recently saying I think if u put positivity out there it comes back to you – a similar idea x

  5. Yes, yes, YES . . . completely agree !!!
    And, as you say . . . “if only”
    Xxx – K

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