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Our recent visit to stay with Missy and HisLordship made us think about and talk about a lot of things. They have a beautiful home. The bedrooms are so spacious we got to thinking how could we give ourselves a better play space that would be practical.

Before we got the cats we would shut our bedroom door. The dog would come to bed when we did and he would sleep on the floor or on the bed with us. When the cats joined our household we could no longer close the door. I felt it was unfair to lock them out of the room when the dog was allowed in but we couldn’t close them in the room because their litter trays are downstairs and they sometimes play at night. When we lost our beautiful dog 😢 the door remained open as the cats were now used to being able to come and go. A few times I’ve joked about fitting a cat flap to the door and now we have decided to do it. We will then be able to close the door.

Our eldest son has once again left for university and this time I have told him his room is being reassigned. It is to become a dressing room for MrH and myself. All our daytime clothes will be in there and our bedroom will gain 50cm of floor space over 2 areas where the wardrobes currently occupy. This means that when MrH makes his play bench it can be left assembled as it will look like a bench to sit on while dressing.

We also really enjoyed being able to sit at a table and chat while tea was prepared and so we have now got a table and chairs. They are not new – they have come from a relative who no longer wanted them – but that doesn’t bother me.. I think as a society we are too quick to discard items and think that having second hand or used things makes you less of a person. I was raised to value things in a different way. I have 2 cousins that are 3 years and 1 year older than me; so when the oldest outgrew something it went to her younger sister… when she outgrew it, it came to me. It was the way it was done. I always try to pass on things that are no longer used or wanted (if they are reusable and in good condition) to friends or people who may have use for them.

This weekend the work begins on the transformation.

There’s been a lot of discussion too about our rules and dynamic. MrH has been working on reinforcing his dominance, reminding me who’s in charge and to follow the rules. Yesterday evening when we did our evening collar swap he smacked my bottom “to remind me who’s in charge” and told me that “tonight we are going to sleep, tomorrow I am going to play.”

It was quite astounding the effect this had. Today I’ve been very conscious of following the rules, it’s no panties Friday and I had a meeting in work, and then we all went out to lunch. All the time I was aware of my rules and I picked the best option on the menu and got a diet drink.

When I got home I snuggled for a bit on the sofa before it was time to run his bath and get ready for bed.

MrH has also talked about introducing a maintenance impact play session into the week. I think this will be with the cane but he does have the new “screamer” courtesy of HisLordship as well as a flogger, and of course his hands, so he has options to play with. I have tried not to push this topic and ask when he plans to do it etc as I know when he’s ready and has a plan he will tell me.

I am learning to hold back my natural tendency to run 100mph at everything. Our house move about is planned to take us 3 or 4 weekends. With the final step being the fitting of the new stairs carpet… (we bought this 4 months ago and haven’t fitted it yet because we haven’t finished decorating that area – we ran out of paint)

So I guess we have an exciting few weeks ahead of us. Things moving about and new play space. MrH also plans to put some fixings onto one bedroom wall that he can tie me to. Like I said – exciting times ahead 😊😊😊

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  1. Sounds like some great changes are in the works. I’m glad for the two of you!

    1. Yes lots of interesting changes

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