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I am yours – A Lesson.

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As usual Mr H is home before me. I can see the light in the living room has been turned on and a shadow moving inside. I pull the car onto the driveway and turn off the engine. My heart is already racing. I check the handbrake is on, undo my seatbelt, and, grabbing my bag from the passenger seat I get out of the car.

The front door is still locked, so I retrieve my key from my coat pocket and unlock the door. The two cats rush into the Hall way to greet me.

“Hello my babies,” I greet them, bending down to fuss Jack for a few moments, he’s so affectionate, unlike Bella who glares at me as she scratches the post. I look around for Mr H. He appears in the kitchen doorway.

‘Good you’re home, I’m ready to get changed,” he says. I put down my bag on the floor and head straight upstairs. I haven’t removed my shoes, I mentally kick myself I usually take them straight off but I wasted time fussing Jack. I will be uncomfortable.

I walk into the bedroom and turn on the light, I quickly walk to the little window and draw the curtains. Mr H has reached the doorway, and I hurriedly cross to the larger window and draw those curtains also. I stand with my head down, hands by my side, waiting.

Mr H stands before me. I can see his feet and I know he’s looking me over. “You didn’t remove your shoes when you got in. ” It’s not a question, and I sense his annoyance. “Is it more important to you to greet the cats than to please me?”

“No Sir” I reply, keeping my eyes down.

“Hmmm,” he says, his tone conveys his disappointment. “You will not undress me today, you do not deserve the privilege.”

My hear sinks. He’s right of course. I know I am to remove my shoes as soon as I arrive home. If Mr H requires me to kneel he prefers me to be barefoot, and he does not want to wait for me. “Remove your shoes and kneel in your place. Keep your eyes down, and put your hands behind your back.” He gives these instructions, as he sits on the bed so I can pass him. The disappointment in his voice cuts me. I move to my place, at the foot of the bed, and remove my shoes as quickly as I can. I put them under the bed so no one will trip on them and kneel, as instructed, keeping my head down. I miss his eyes. He knows that being forbidden to look at him, to see the love he has for me in his eyes hurts me, but I have disappointed him and he is right to punish me.

I can hear him undressing. He tosses something on the floor next to me. His shirt. “Put it in the basket and return to your place,” His voice is soft and emotionless. I grab the shirt and as quickly as I can stand and go to the basket on the landing. I keep my eyes down as I return to the room and return to my kneeling place. My knees protest as I kneel.

“Come and hang my trousers in the wardrobe,” my knees are not impressed, they have just settled, but I welcome the discomfort, I wouldn’t be kneeling if I hadn’t disappointed Sir. I stand, stiffly and without looking at him, retrieve the trousers and open the wardrobe door. I fold the trousers smoothing them so the creases are sharp and pick a trouser hanger. I slide the trousers into place on the hanger and hang into the wardrobe closing the door.

I am half way turned, to return to my kneeling place when Mr H says, “stay there.” And so I remain facing him, eyes down. “I do not come second to the cats Sweetgirl. When you come home you know what you are to do. I do not expect to have to repeat this. Do you understand?” I nod without speaking. “Remove your clothes.”

I get undressed quietly and quickly, folding the clothes ready for the basket. Mr H has opened the wardrobe and is removing something from the kinky bag. I am stood naked and he glances over his shoulder, “Good, come here and bend over the bed.”

I can’t see what Mr H has removed from the bag, his body conceals it from view, and I still dare not raise my eyes. I move to the place he indicated and bend over. I’m nervous, Mr H has never punished me physically before. Has he got the crop or paddle? How many times will he spank me? I can feel myself getting anxious and I try to calm myself. It doesn’t matter. It’s up to Sir, and he only does this to teach me. I feel something wet against my ass, lube? My mind stops. I’ve misunderstood his plans. I am not to be spanked. But surely Sir is not going to take me anally – that would be a gift not a punishment. Confusion floods through me, as heat and desire make me wet. “Oh no Sweetgirl you will not be gifted. Relax for me,” he speaks softly but firmly, I feel a slight pressure, and I relax for him, as he firmly inserts… the but plug. It’s the but plug. “Now stand and put your pyjamas on. You will wear this the rest of the day. It will serve to remind you of your failure.” I stand and get my pyjamas out of the drawer. As I get dressed Mr H continues to speak, “had the kids not been in you would have spent the evening naked. Remember that. Now come here.”

I am in my pyjamas and I move so I’m standing in front of him. I can feel the but plug. “Look at me,” he said. I raise my eyes. I’m so sorry to have disappointed him. His eyes are filled with love for me and I am filled with shame. “You May speak.”

“I’m sorry Sir to have disappointed you. Thank you for teaching me.”

Mr H smiles and pulls me into his arms. I feel him kiss my forehead. “Who’s are you?” He asks me.

I feel the calm settle over me, he wants me still, he loves me. I speak my reply into his chest, “I am yours.”

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  1. *hugs*

    This is so beautiful <3

    "he wants me still, he loves me."
    – esp this part!

    *double hugs*

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