On Being a Submissive

Instructions from MrH

We are going away in a few days, for an overnight hotel stay. These breaks are not just great fun but an opportunity to relax and play in a way we are unable to do at home because of our adult children. They provide an opportunity to recharge our dynamic and my submissive mindset.

Hello my Sweetgirl,

As we are a day away from our alone time I thought I would send you your instructions.

My plan for Saturday will be based around the following activities.

  • Photographs – as we will not be able to get the photos we have already taken back we will need to take more. So we will need to ensure we take plenty outfits including my suit. Can you check all the pockets are open.
  • Dance/strip tease. You will perform a private dance/strip tease for me.
  • New flogger testing – we will give the new flogger a good try out.
  • Rope work – this will more than likely be done late in the evening. I have a few new ties I would like to try and we shall try to adapt it so you are comfortable while I tie.
  • Test new toys. – we will test the recent purchases.
  • As always your body will be mine to use as I see fit.

Please let me know if you have any queries or questions.

Yours always

I received this today, from MrH.

We haven’t played in a few days and I asked him if he was deliberately withholding in order to make me desperate.. he said not but it’s had that effect.

Submissive Mindset.

Unfortunately it’s also lifted my submissive mindset. I’m starting to recognise the feeling. It’s almost like I’m normally surrounded by warm comforting blanket my whole body feels languid my mind calm. Even with everything that’s been going on, the stress and strain of the last few days at work, my submissive mindset keeps me calm. Yesterday it began to lift, layers of the blanket being taken away. By bedtime I could feel that submissive mindset fading. This morning it was gone. I felt unsettled and anxious.

Getting it back.

I reached out to MrH, putting my hand on his shoulder and tried to get my mind to calm. He told me to roll over and he hugged me, I was the little spoon, my mind still didn’t comply.

MrH changed my collar and while I knelt I felt a glimmer of my submissive self. When we got downstairs, I knelt at his feet with my head on his knee to see if I could bolster that feeling. Sir stroked my hair and as he did I felt my shoulders relax. I felt the blanket surround me as my submissive mindset returned.

Opening MrH’s email, was the icing on the cake.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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