One more sleep

Tomorrow we’re going to our first BDSM event.

I’m getting hair and makeup done and I’ve had my nails manicured and my brows waxed and tinted today.

I’m about 45% nervous 55% excited.

Oh and I’m so horny again! Work has settled into place this week and I’ve been able to relax into a routine. That has lessened my daily stress and this in turn has allowed me to bring my focus back to MrH.

Naturally that leads to me being wanton and horny.

Yesterday evening he told me to get my wand out and play and he would be coming to bed shortly. When I told him I was close to orgasm he told me to cum for him. He came upstairs shortly afterwards.

I don’t get the same level of release from solo play, even if MrH directs or controls it, unless he is in the room. The embarrassment of knowing he is watching adds to it for me, and makes the orgasm more fulfilling emotionally. Solo play like yesterday is more a simple physical release… at the moment with my emotions on high the emotional release I’m looking for just isn’t possible alone.

Anyway, I digress. Back to tomorrow’s adventure.

I don’t know if MrH plans to play.

I think I’d like to.

It’s not a swinging event and that’s not what we would go for anyway… but I’ve a recurring fantasy/dream where we are at the club (in my dreams it’s at the club we go to for the munch cos that’s all my head knows lol) and Sir tells me to remove my panties and give them to him which I do.

He then instructs me to unfasten his trousers and worship his cock while he chats with the gentlemen he’s been talking to.

I do this, my hands shaking as I’m nervous, but as I undo his trousers the room and people around me fade and I’m only aware of him. I take his cock out of his pants and kiss gently and lick as I know he likes. He’s already getting hard and one of the men he’s talking to comment that I’m very well behaved, his own sub is knelt at his side and he tells her to watch what I am doing as he likes what I am doing and wants her to copy it later.

I’m absorbed in what I am doing for MrH and only vaguely aware of this but I flush embarrassed at this mans comments and that he has probably made his sub feel bad.

But when MrH tells this man that I am very good and he’s very proud my focus returns solely to him.

After a while he tells me to stop, and to tuck his cock away. He asks the gentleman to excuse us for a while as he wishes to use the facilities.

He stands and takes my hand, leading me upstairs to a play room where he closes the door and says, “you were such a good girl I think you deserve a treat. First I will spank you. Then when my hand is tired and your arse is red, I will touch you and stroke you until you quiver all over. I will pinch and pull your nipples until you cry out. I will tease your pussy and clit with my mouth and fingers and then I hold the wand on your pussy until you cum… I wont stop until you can’t speak then will fuck you until I cum. Now get undressed”

Here’s hoping 😉

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  1. David says:

    Oh good God!

  2. Enjoy it and please share your experience.

    1. I’m sure I will and of course

  3. DJ SH says:

    I do enjoy a filthy imagination….!  

    Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 8:46 PM

    1. Haha

  4. It’s a private event that someone from Scotland is organising… there’s a group traveling down.

    1. Sounds exciting, have a ball!

      1. I’ll try!

  5. Sounds like fun!!! Hope your fantasy becomes reality!!!

  6. Have fun!!

  7. Have a wonderful time!

  8. I hope you have a blast too—we’ve played in public (with each other) and it really turns up the heat!! However everyone else has neglected to point out that you have flowers growing from a special body part—and that’s very cool!!

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