Sinful Sunday?

Hardly.  We stayed at a friends house last night to keep her cat company. She has just moved house and her cat is elderly, so we offered to go stay rather than stress her out at a cattery. We took our fire stick and used my phones WiFi hotspot to connect it to the internet. Her internet wasn’t yet set up at the new house.

Cat sitting

My friends bed is very comfortable but she has a double – we are used to a king. As a result MrH and I nudged one another a few times lol. I slept quite well which surprised me as she has no curtains or blinds yet (just a sheet stuck to the window frame for privacy) but MrH was awake from 3am.

We are also very old school. We do not do kinky fuckery or vanilla fuckery when we are guests in people’s homes. Her little cat did come for a cuddle before we went to sleep. She has the most adorable loud purrr.

When I woke up this morning the cat was fast asleep at my feet. She woke up of course when I moved.

We came home late morning and went out for a little ride on the bikes. Indulged in a bacon butty and then came home again… and here we are. I’ve showered and washed my hair. I’m relaxed and sleepy.

I’m also a little horny. Nothing unusual of course lol. MrH has kindly used me the other night and that of course leaves me mentally satisfied and physically horny.

Lumps and bumps

I’ve written before about the blocked glands I get down below. I have one at the moment. Hopefully it will go soon. In the mean time it’s very uncomfortable…. and MrH does not perform cunnilingus when I have them (understandably). It would be great if when I got them the discomfort was sufficient that it killed off any sexual desire I might have.

Suck me

MrH has continued to be more attentive and active in our D/s. I look forward to being used and he’s increased this again. I love it when he tells me to suck his cock. I love that I can give him that pleasure and that he will take it from me. He likes to cum in my pussy so he usually tells me to move position so he can fuck me towards the end. In all honesty I don’t care where he cums as long as he wants to and it’s in or on me! He always says “are you ready for my cum?” And I of course reply I am – because I desperately want his cum… his release. I kinda hope that one day he will stop asking. I hope that one day in our D/s he will simply say “I’m going to cum in you now,” or on me as the case may be. That, in my mind, would show me he’s not asking permission in any way. He is going to cum and I’m the receptacle…. I’m his body of choice, and it pleases him to use it as he wishes.

As usual I digress……

What I find though, is when play starts with me sucking him, when my focus is on his pleasure, I switch off to my own. I very rarely get close to climax. He sometimes shifts me so he can fondle by breasts or use his fingers to stimulate my clit or finger fuck my pussy and although I get wet and it’s nice, but I don’t get close to climax.


This means that once the yummy sub feeling has subsided my body realises it’s been teased and takes on a state of arousal. My mind wanders. I find myself thinking of highly arousing and inappropriate things at inopportune moments. Like…. when I’m driving… or trying to go to sleep…

I’m sure MrH gets a thrill from knowing I am preoccupied by thoughts of him.

I just wait until I get told I am to be played with… and of course when I am to be brought to orgasm!

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. lol

  2. In our previous life, prior to 7×24, I used to get annoyed by the questions, Sweet … are you, will you … etc, thinking like you … ‘just tell me’ … but now I realize it’s a form of confirming consent … not that I really have a choice … it’s going to happen anyway unless I safeword … but now in a way it’s nice knowing he’s thinking of me as he determines what it is he’s going to do … nj

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