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My dear friend and fellow submissive wife Submissy wrote an excellent post about what constitutes a scene and where the terminology comes from, and so I don’t want to repeat the same information, she expresses this so well I would prefer to direct you to her post.  Instead I am going to focus on my experiences of scenes with Mr H.

Our time constraints mean our scenes do not last for hours at a time, in fact I’ve never timed them so I couldn’t say for sure and when we play I am not exactly watching the clock…

We have regular sessions with the cane, but our sexual play very rarely has a “plan”.

Some of our early scenes were more structured.

I was asked to perform a strip tease for Mr H.  I practiced for days, I picked a song, and came up with a routine.

I didn’t really write much about it but you can read about it here and this is pretty much the only time I have prepared for a scene other than making sure I’m physically prepared in the way Mr H wishes.

Our hotel stays contain longer longer play scenes than our time at home, or should I say they have multiple play scenes on the same day.  Mr H may plan a flogging, a fucking and a rope scene but I think more often than not he has a few vague ideas and then decides last minute what to do.

At least there have been a few times when I have received instructions, with a plan but not everything has been done.

I’ve learned that for us a scene in the traditional sense doesn’t happen often.  Mr H isn’t into role play, so this isn’t something we will do.  We no longer have hotel stays to stage longer or multiple play scenes and the transition to a child free home has been more challenging than we anticipated.

Instead we have smaller intimate encounters.  Our play is almost always either sexual or impact. Very rarely does the play overlap until recently when he used the wand and cane together to great effect.

Mr H and I are not really able to tell you much about scenes but if I can give you just one or maybe two alright four pieces of advice… don’t get stuck on details, don’t get stuck on a plan, remain flexible and most of all have fun.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Small or big – a scene is a scene sweet – bit like an orgasm really!

  2. I thought this was a very interesting read!

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