MrH sent me a brief email with instructions for today:

Hello sweetgirl.

1. This weekend before play starts you will be inspected. You will ensure you are smooth shaven and clean. Your hair in a plait.
2. There will be taken (possibly videos) so make sure you pack accordingly(body stockings. Suspenders and such like). If there are particular photos you would like let me know.
3. Ensure all equipment is charged/batteries available.
4. For our evening meal you will need a dress or skirt.

We leave at 1pm, I will be showering and shaving momentarily. I’ve already douched so my bumhole is clean ready for whatever inspection MrH has planned. He’s been extremely attentive this morning. My lunch was a little overdone as he kissed and grazed my neck with his lips and stubble, distracting me from my task. He loves doing this, he chuckled as I was trying to send a payment via online banking and well, the reference was a little garbled to say the least… I love the effect he has over me.

A follower recently PM’d me asking how after 23 years of vanilla, and the routine that a relationship develops did we manage to introduce D/s and reinvigorate our connection so passionately.

I replied that the passion had never vanished between us, our connection had never diminished, our relationship had a strong foundation in friendship and respect so adding D/s and the other BDSM elements has simply enhanced that. It’s made us closer by allowing us to refocus on just us as a couple. Before last July our roles had always been family bound. When we met I had a 2 Ā½ year old son and so I was always his MILF before I even knew what that was! He took on the role parent to my son. Now our two children are grown up. This new road were taking has enabled us to refocus on “us” without the parent role.

That is the biggest change. By allowing us to reflect on each others sexual and emotional wants and desires, we have been able to bring our personal, intimate relationship to the forefront. To be able to recognise that our children do not require our undivided attention anymore, has enabled us to look at refocusing that onto each other, with amazing results.


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  1. Great post, Sweetgirl! You two have such a beautiful connection. Good luck with inspection šŸ™‚

    1. Inspection went well …. Quite nerve-wracking and well so HOT too, being pulled apart and intimately examined … It’s coffee and biscuits time after round 1 play.

      1. Enjoy šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  2. Vanilla can be so vanilla.

    1. Yet it’s my favourite ice-cream flavour!

      1. Mine too. But only for ice cream. Life and love need other flavors to keep it interesting.

  3. David says:


  4. So no spanking?? Too bad!

    1. I didn’t say that now did I?

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