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What does a BSDM relationship look like after 6 years?

Has it really been 6 years? yep it has. It was 2017 when we first embarked on our kinky exploration and clearly I can only speak for our relationship, but very few relationships stay the same and ours is no different. The last 6 years have been unique for the whole world in many ways because of the global covid pandemic, but what does our BSDM relationship look like after 6 years? Read on to find out.

Home Play.

We rarely play at home now. Our youngest Son left home and I thought that would give us more freedom to indulge in BDSM activities, and it did in many ways, but my chronic back pain getting worse in 2018/19 meant that put a spanner in the works. Things picked up a little when our neighbour passed away. (Yeah I know that sounds morbid) With an empty house next door we could engage in spanking without worrying about the noise but a new tenant last year stopped that once more.

A few months ago our son moved back home and so BDSM play at home is now severely restricted. We can’t just get naked at 8pm (or earlier if the mood took) and wander round the house. We have managed a few sneaky blow jobs but unless he goes out we are very limited as to what activities we can indulge in.

Dominant or submissive behaviours.

This too has changed a great deal. My back pain has been the main reason for this, but we no-longer do kneeling or inspections. We don’t do any of the BDSM things we did in the early years. The only rule we have in place now, is that I need to ask before making any purchases, and even this is a rule I break on a regular basis, mostly because I get lost in my own world and I’m a sucker for a bargain.

Sex Club.

We now attend events at a BDSM and Swinging club called Townhouse. We are still monogamous and do not play with others at all. We do enjoy some impact play at the club and people can watch this through a window and we have enjoyed having sex, some forced orgasm play and a couple of blow jobs there but a change in rules for the Munch and Radical Desire mean sexual activity is no longer permitted in the private rooms so we will be shifting our attendance to the cross over events of Fet-ish and Obscenity, as well as the other BSDM events Surrender and Branded, where sexual play is permitted.

One thing we have started to do this year is to hire the club for private use. We invited some friends along and we split the cost of the hire. Now let me reiterate, we do not play with others. We are simply sharing the club space, and we have a tremendous amount of fun. We have the club again for the afternoon soon and we are really looking forward to it.

The Futures Bright

I suppose for the most part BDSM has just become part of who we are, it is not a special event or activity. We go to the club and we have made some friends there. We adapted to me not working and Mr H working from home. Over the last few years I have started sewing more again and have even made my own outfits for the club. It keeps me from going stir crazy even if it takes me longer than most to make them.

I am looking forward to the rest of my life with Mr H and while I don’t know exactly how that will look, I do know we will continue to enjoy BDSM as part of it.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


One of the PVC dresses wear to the club, this one from LoveHoney.

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