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Yeah, Yeah Yeassss

On Sunday’s S2 works and we get a few hours home alone. We have been using this time to have some alone time (if you know what I mean- nudge nudge, wink wink) but I have chosen not to share the details recently. I know that seems odd given that my blog is a sex blog, but things have been a little off and I didn’t want to talk about it. Not off with us and our relationship, rather my orgasms have been difficult to achieve, not as satisfying, and I didn’t know why. I thought lack of play might be the cause. Now I think it might have been something else. I think my difficulty in reaching orgasm has been caused by the medication.


A few weeks ago my GP asked me to try amitriptyline. Originally an antidepressant it was found to help with nerve pain, and so it was recommended to ease the sciatic pain. While it has helped with this, it interacts with my antidepressant, escitalopram, and so we removed this from my drug regimen and increased the amitriptyline to compensate. Unfortunately this has not helped my mood, but it does seem to have caused my body to swell and my libido has declined. Last weekend despite some excellent sexual play I had difficulty in reaching orgasm. It was there, almost within reach, and then “poof” gone. When Mr H twisted his back a little we decided to end play. Don’t misunderstand, the play time we had was lovely, we pleasured each other, connected, loved one another but we didn’t cum. We snuggled and held hands. It was amazing in it’s own way and I wasn’t unhappy, it was fun in fact I didn’t think much about it.

Was it me?

I contacted my GP on Monday to discuss going back onto my old antidepressant, because I felt the amitriptyline was not helping. We talked on Wednesday and my GP had four plans for us to choose from. Two of them involved using drugs I had taken in the past, both had caused significant weight gain and so we discounted them immediately. One option was to increase the amitriptyline and wait a further 6 weeks to see if this helped, or taper off the amitriptyline and try a different drug for pain, duloxetine, and go back onto the escitalopram. This is the option we chose. My GP sent me the taper schedule and issued the medicines to me. The first few days I was to reduce the amitriptyline from 75mg to 40mg and I did a little google searching on what withdrawal symptoms I could expect. What I noticed when I was searching was that amitriptyline can also cause a loss of libido and difficulty reaching orgasm. One blogger Crista Anne {her blog is inactive at present) was featured in an article on The Daily Mail Online in 2015 talking about how it changed the feel of her orgasms too. I wondered if the increased dose a few months ago had affected my orgasms too.


Saturday morning I watched Mr H getting dressed and realised I was horny. Unfortunately I was also experiencing the first symptom of withdrawal; vertigo and fainting. Despite this I was thrilled to feel this desire, something that I hadn’t noticed was missing but now I realised had been. Normally I am a little horny devil, and when I look back I haven’t felt that way for a while. I was looking forward to S2 going to work so we could play.

Picking toys.

Last weekend, Mr H got out the Satisfyer High Fashion, and although it felt nice it was not getting me to climax, so Mr H reached for the Doxy*. You may remember that we seem to have had some serious issues with our Doxy Wands. It has been replaced 3 times, every time for the same problem, when held with the wand end pointing down the power fluctuates, and it goes from the slowest speed to the highest over and over. We have tried troubleshooting as follows; changing the sockets used, leaving it a while and trying again, squeezing the barrel. The fault is intermittent which makes it worse, and sometimes turning it on and off has resolved it. Lovehoney have been excellent replacing the faulty wands but at just shy of £90 a pop I have been unhappy that they have been so unreliable for us when I have not heard of anyone else having an issue! I will just add that we store the wand in a drawer, where it is safe from being banged or damaged. Anyway, back to my tale, Mr H plugged it in and turned it on. A low, quiet buzz sounded. My heart sank, this was not the sound it should make, Mr H tried turning it on and off, a different socket, everything he could think of, but the wand was not working. It is being replaced again, this time with a Doxy 3 but until the replacement arrived I got out the Lovehoney wand*. It hasn’t really been used since we got the doxy, but needs must and I wanted to make sure we had something to use that would definitely get me off.

Hello Sir…

When our shopping had been delivered I managed to get myself undressed and laid on the bed in a similar pose to the one above, and waited for him to come upstairs. He smiled when he saw me, got undressed and helped me under the covers with him. We snuggled there for a short time watching TV although it didn’t take long for my hands to wander to his groin where I found his cock was already hard. I stroked him gently, savoring the silky feel of his skin in my hand. I love the feel of Sirs hard cock, well actually it doesn’t even need to be hard I love it. and normally I will reach out to touch him as much as possible. When I look back over the last 8 weeks, I haven’t done this much either. Mr H lay enjoying my touch, gently stroking my shoulder. It was lovely, so intimate and I realised how much I missed this connection. I could feel myself getting wet as I touched him, my arousal growing.

I heard him remove his glasses, and he turned off the TV. He moved the covers and said, “suck my cock.”

I moved to comply. Taking his cock in my mouth I lowered my head, feeling his tip in my throat, he placed his hands on my head taking over control. He thrust into me hard and fast, moaning as his cock pushed right into my throat. His moans turned me on and when he pulled my face away from his body it was to switch positions. We lay on our sides so he could play with my pussy while I continued to suck his cock.

We continued slowly, enjoying each other; Mr H licking my wet pussy and slowly fingering me. I worshiped his cock slowly taking him into my mouth, using my tongue to swirl the end before repeating again. Even though when he was so far down my throat that I couldn’t breathe it wasn’t enough. Lost in the feelings Sirs mouth and fingers were creating, each time I withdrew Sir’s cock, I gasped for breath moaning. My arms around Sir I pulled him into me desperate.

Sir left the bed, getting a matt and I told him that the lovehoney wand was in his drawer. He plugged it in and turned it on. It buzzed to life. He covered it in lube and returned to the bed, a slightly wicked look on his face, as he pressed it to my clit.

Within minutes I was close to climax and MrH asked me, “do you want me to stop?”

I shook my head, and mumbled, “no, no, no,no…..”

He began to move the wand. Little movements. Up and down. My moans became louder.

“Like that?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, yeah….”

The first orgasm of the day washed over me. My body relaxed for just one moment, because MrH was not done with me yet. He continued to move the wand and it was not long before a second orgasm followed, and then a third. MrH moved the wand and positioned himself between my legs. He filled me with his cock and placed the wand back on my clit. My fourth orgasm came moments after his own.

I’m writing this and it’s a few days later, I’m already looking forward to this coming Sunday, and the fun it might bring. My libedo appears to be coming back and I have just reduced the amitriptyline dose again and I am hoping that I will soon be feeling more like myself.

In the meantime, stay safe ok?

Sweetgirl x

The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday is Blue, and as there is some smut in this post I have decided it qualifies. I always remember my parents whispering about blue movies, of course this was code for porn, but hey it works right?

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