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Wicked Wednesday

Mental Recharge

Every now and then we all need to recharge our batteries. It may be that we have had a traumatic experience, suffered a heartbreak, a financial crisis or a particularly busy period at work. No matter what the cause every now and then we need to take time out to assess our own mental health and protect it. Surrendering. The hardest thing about looking after your mental health is realising when you’re heading for a crash and learning to surrender the fight BEFORE the you get caught in the event horizon of the black hole. Once you recognize the danger

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Feminism and me

When I saw the topic prompt this week I struggled to think what to write. I mean I have never really considered myself a feminist, at least the ‘bra burners’ as my mum called them, and although I have had some people ask me how I reconcile being a submissive wife when countless women have fought for me to have the same privileges as men. Indeed, how can anyone want to be a submissive wife when it seems to reject the concept and right for female equality? Let’s start with a definition; what is feminism? Dictionary Definition of Feminism. Definition

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The Ugly Truth

Everybody lies. There it is, plain and simple. I doubt there is a person alive who has NEVER told a lie, because I believe truth is in the eye of the beholder. I am certainly no saint when it comes to telling porkies, I told my boys Santa was real, and that they had the ‘real’ Buzz Lightyear toy. I told my share to Mr H too although this has reduced significantly since we introduced D/s to our relationship. The thing is, why did that make a difference, and why do we lie at all? Say it loud. I changed

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Sex and BDSM

When our relationship first came to include BDSM, I imagined every single possible moment would be filled with sex. I wouldn’t be able to move without Mr H thrusting a hard cock into me and telling me what how he was proud of me, and how he loved I was always ready for him. Of course I was not realising that the truth of the dynamic I asked for, being submissive to Mr H, meant accepting he would be the Dominant. He would be in charge and as such we would be having sex when Mr H wanted and not

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A Sweet tweet.

The Wicked Wednesday prompt this time is 3rd person, and as most of Sweet’s work is written in the 1st person she thought this would be an interesting challenge. Let’s hope it actually works and Sweet does not make a horses ass of herself! A gentle nudge stirred Sweet from sleep, she tried to turn her head away from the source, but the ginger cat was not to be deterred. With deliberate care he touched his head to hers, and touched his nose to her cheek, making a little kissing sound. When Sweet still did not open her eyes, he

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A Twist of Fate.

In the summer of 1995 I attended the summer fair at my younger brothers primary school. I was there with my friend (I will call her Peggy), who was my ex husbands cousins girlfriend, and our two children were born 6 weeks apart. In a bizarre twist we only become friends after my marriage ended, because she had thought me stuck up. This impression came from the fact that my ex husband would not allow me to talk to anyone; according to him when I spoke I embarrassed him. Truthfully I did show him up. When I spoke it was

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Seven Days in April – Day Five

I have spoken a few times about how I have a tendency to overthink things and how this affects my mental health.  The lockdown has I think, had a bad effect on many people judging from some of the comments on twitter and facebook from people who are struggling with feelings of isolation and boredom.  I have a theory that having things to do, to occupy your mind is essential to maintaining a stable mental state.  I know it doesn’t do for me to be ‘in my own head’ for too long.   I have also shared what depression means

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Yeah, Yeah Yeassss

On Sunday’s S2 works and we get a few hours home alone. We have been using this time to have some alone time (if you know what I mean- nudge nudge, wink wink) but I have chosen not to share the details recently. I know that seems odd given that my blog is a sex blog, but things have been a little off and I didn’t want to talk about it. Not off with us and our relationship, rather my orgasms have been difficult to achieve, not as satisfying, and I didn’t know why. I thought lack of play might

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In these Arms.

“If you were in these arms..” Bon Jovi’s voice sings as Mr H pulls my body against his; his arms securing me to him possessively, protectively, and he whispers in my ear “I love you, I’ll please you, I tell you that I’ll never leave you.”  Ok so there is come artistic licence in there, but I appreciate his effort.  He knows how I am struggling again with the nightmares, and when he hugs me to him like this it always settles any anxiety I have. Baby can I hold you? A hug can, in my opinion, convey many emotions,

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I love your arse

I have a love hate relationship with my body. Mostly I hate it; sometimes I love it. Mr H on the other hand has always been steady in his adoration and admiration of it. He tells me quite frequently that he loves curves, especially my arse, usually accompanied with a loving squeeze. A few years ago, after my hysterectomy I finally started to lose weight. I had gained so much weight while my back was bad, and from the pain medications that I was very unhappy. Every mirror in our home was hidden unless it was a face mirror because

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