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Wicked Wednesday

Return of the cane: how pain tolerance changes over time.

In my last post I wrote how our D/s was somewhat diminished by our my present condition, and how our impact play had stopped altogether. Well – I have news! The cane is back. I think I am going to get the cane out. Mr H announced this when I asked him what he wanted to do yesterday (Sunday) while our son was at work. I expected him to say rope work as he has been practicing a hand/arm tie that ML Slave Puppet had showcased on her rope work meme Tie Me Up Tuesday. I was surprised and nervous.

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How to cope when your D/s becomes D/s Less

2020 has kicked our D/s Asses. My chronic pain and all the side effects of that have brought our D/s activities to a resolute stop and it has not only highlighted how much we enjoy them, but how they have become part of our normal lives. D/s, D’not. We used to partake 2 cane sessions each week – Wednesdays and Sundays. As I have lost some of the feeling in my derriere it is no longer safe to do this activity. All D/s activities are essentially risk assessed by Dominants and submissives as part of either RACK or SSC and

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How to stay positive when life sucks

I think it is fair to say for many people right now life kinda sucks. We are unable to enjoy the freedoms we did in order to ensure the NHS can cope with the number of people that are unwell, and to protect as many vulnerable people as possible. Covid 19 will, I think, be remembered the way we remember the black death and the Spanish Flu, and I for one hope that I do not lose and friends or family to it (touch wood). For me personally this couldn’t have come at a worse time, living in pain as

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The truth about being a submissive wife.

Did you read 50 shades and imagine that was your life? Do you want to know what it is really like? Well, I am here today to share my experience and to tell you the truth about being a submissive wife. The truth will out. A while ago I wrote a post, ‘So you want to be a submissive wife?’ which gave you some advice on how to start your journey, and things you might want to consider. Mr. H and I have just reached our 3 year mark living as Dominant and submissive and I thought now would be

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Taz the tasmanian devil

Taz, the Tasmanian Devil.

I watched cartoons a lot as a child, I mean, a lot. My youngest sibling was born when I was a few months away from 10 and he became my real life doll. I spent hours entertaining and supervising him when my mum had driving lessons, or when my parents went out, but the character I always identified with most was Taz the Tasmanian Devil. He would spin onto screen destroying everything in his path and no one seemed to understand a word he said. He puts the Taz in Tasmania. I was a messy child, I complain that my

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Fate brought us together

There’s no fate but what we make.

Yes I know this quote about fate is blatantly stolen from The Terminator and often quoted but it isn’t really something I believe. I have written before about how I believe our lifes are mapped out and that in many ways free will is an illusion. When we make a choice we were always ment to make it, to take that path. Fate – you can’t escape it. If we accept this to be true, that our lives follow a predetermined path, who then determines it? Some would say God I suppose, and others the universe. I’m not sure I

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prisoner of pain

Taken Prisoner by pain.

I haven’t written much lately. My heart, and head have not been in it. I have now spent over 7 months lied in bed staring at the bedroom walls and it is starting to weigh me down. 16 months in excruciating pain and I don’t feel sexy or attractive, so writing about that would be difficult. Inactivity and some poor eating habits have also caused weight gain that has me avoiding mirrors again. 99% of my clothes do not fit. I have 3 nighties, 3 sets of pyjamas, 1 dress, 2 tops and 2 pairs of leggings…. None of my

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Mental Recharge

Every now and then we all need to recharge our batteries. It may be that we have had a traumatic experience, suffered a heartbreak, a financial crisis or a particularly busy period at work. No matter what the cause every now and then we need to take time out to assess our own mental health and protect it. Surrendering. The hardest thing about looking after your mental health is realising when you’re heading for a crash and learning to surrender the fight BEFORE the you get caught in the event horizon of the black hole. Once you recognize the danger

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Feminism and me

When I saw the topic prompt this week I struggled to think what to write. I mean I have never really considered myself a feminist, at least the ‘bra burners’ as my mum called them, and although I have had some people ask me how I reconcile being a submissive wife when countless women have fought for me to have the same privileges as men. Indeed, how can anyone want to be a submissive wife when it seems to reject the concept and right for female equality? Let’s start with a definition; what is feminism? Dictionary Definition of Feminism. Definition

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The Ugly Truth

Everybody lies. There it is, plain and simple. I doubt there is a person alive who has NEVER told a lie, because I believe truth is in the eye of the beholder. I am certainly no saint when it comes to telling porkies, I told my boys Santa was real, and that they had the ‘real’ Buzz Lightyear toy. I told my share to Mr H too although this has reduced significantly since we introduced D/s to our relationship. The thing is, why did that make a difference, and why do we lie at all? Say it loud. I changed

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