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My new photo meme ‘Pin Up’ has gone live! I’m very nervous and excited at the same time. I mean what if no-one joins in? There were so many positive messages of support when I announced the new meme in my post I’m still Standing , but what if? Well looks like that fear was completely unfounded, as two people had linked up by the time I went to bed last night and this morning that went to three!

There is another meme that has popped up by MLSlavePuppet called Tie Me Up Tuesday, and this weekend MrH is going to tie me up (whoop) and take pictures for that. If you’re into or interested in rope play pop over to her blog and have a look.

We are also going to take some more pictures for the Fun Theme Photo Meme this weekend, and I am looking forward to getting dressed up in my 50’s dress and stockings! For now though here is my first Pin Up Photo style image.

Sweetgirl x

Click HERE to see all the links for this theme ‘Pin Up’.

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