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Twice a week The SafeworD/s Club host chats, they are an online munch if you will, a safe space to chat and share with like minded people.  I join in as much as possible and if you haven’t been there click the link to create an account.  (Details of the chat times are at the bottom of this post.)  Last night at the chat I mentioned that I had a plan to place all MrH’s toys into drawers so he could access them more easily, and hopefully it will make his play choices more varied.

Everything in it’s place

When we go to a hotel one of the first things MrH does it set all his toys out on the dressing table.  It allows him to easily pick and swap toys during play, but at home the toys are kept inside a toiletry bag in a drawer.  They are not easily accessible and so play is often limited to the few favorites that are kept handy.  Of course that means that there isn’t much scope for MrH to act spontaneously.  Anal play requires him to open a draw, locate the bag, open it, open the bag inside that we use to keep anal toys separate from vaginal toys, pick a toy, then lube, condoms, you get the picture.   Not exactly conducive to organic play.

Drawer 1

Contains the Doxy and the squealer.  Some hand towels will be kept on top of them which we use after play.

Drawer 2

Contains the clips, clamps, pin wheel, condoms, the clone, promises, the glass dildos and MrH’s black gloves.

Drawer 3

Contains a selection of vibrators, clitoral suckers and kegal balls.

Concealing the Evidence

On top of each drawer I have placed one of our bed mats, so if the drawer is opened nothing is immediately visible.

I hope that this will mean that in future MrH will be able to easily put his hands on what ever toy he feels like using without having to rummage through bags and drawers.  He has expressed some concern “what if they (the boys) go through the drawers?” and my response was simple – “it will teach them not to,” and if they do go through them I doubt very much that they will ever say anything.  I certainly didn’t tell my mum or stepdad that I knew where their porn videos were.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


The SafeworD/s Club has two scheduled chats a week, Tuesdays and Sundays at 8pm GMT.

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  1. I never told (or asked questions) when I found porn magazines (by accident) in my parents bedroom when I was a teenager. lol Everything looks nicely organized!

    1. LOL thank you ☺️

  2. Did you watch your parents porn videos?? Enquiring minds want to know!! lol

    1. Of course!

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