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When we entered into a D/s relationship, MrH and I talked about our fantasies and it opened up a whole world of sexual play that had been previously unexplored.   In our early years I purchased a number of traditional dress up items.  A French Maids outfit and a PVC dress were worn with stockings to great effect and MrH’s delight, but having worn them once, having seen them once, MrH would always decline when I asked if he wished me to wear them again.  I have not purchased any sexy clothing since because he always says he prefers me naked and he does not want to waste the money.  He is a practical man.

If I ask him if he has any fantasies he says no.  That we have done everything he fantasised about.

Define Fantasy

I don’t know if that is entirely true or if he conceals his fantasies because they would upset me (ie he wants to play with someone else) or if his definition of a fantasy differs from mine.  I define a sexual or D/s fantasy as:

anything I imagine or think about that turns me on, it can be something that hasn’t yet happened or something I enjoy remembering over and over again.

So it can be simple or complex.  It may involve role play, or dressing up.  It could be an elaborate scene lasting hours, and involving many different tools or toys.  It could be as simple as a kiss.

A kiss you say?

After 24 years you would think MrH must have kissed me enough that there would be nothing left to fantasise about, but there are some kisses that I love to think about.

He grabs hold of me and pushes my back against the wall, and puts my arms above my head.  With one hand he imprisons both of mine and the other hand grips my chin, moving my face to the side as he slowly lowers his face.  He starts at my neck, his breath against my skin makes my breath catch and my heart race.  He uses his rough stubble to graze my neck trailing a path up to my earlobe, which he nips with his teeth.  From there he moves along my jaw before roughly kissing me.  The kiss leaves me weak at the knees, wet and breathless.

I have many such fantasies, some much more elaborate, and sometimes MrH takes the fictional work I share on my blog and brings it to life as he did with Bejeweled

Fuck Me

I must admit the majority of my sexual fantasies include anal sex, it isn’t something we do often and as it is something which I enjoy, find very arousing and helps put me in a submissive headspace I will often weave a fantasy around it.

“Arse in the air Sweetgirl” he tells me, and I comply.  “What a sexy ass that is,” he continues, “who’s is it?”

“Yours,” I reply.

“It is indeed, but I think it has been a while since I claimed it.  Time to fix that I think.” He opens a draw and removes the doxy, his clone, a pair of gloves, the lube and a condom.  He rolls the condom on his clone, puts on one glove and applies a generous amount of lube to the clone, the doxy and his gloved hand.   I can see his cock getting hard as he thinks about what he plans and I wonder what that is.  He places the doxy under my body, and tells me to reach down with one hand so I can hold it but I am not to move it from the bed until instructed.

He stands behind me now, and he coats my butt hole in the lube.  Slowly he inserts one lubed finger, just to lubricate me fully, and I moan.  My pussy is throbbing with need.  Removing his finger I feel the clone press against me.  “Now my good girl, take me in,” he says and pushed it slowly into me.  When the clone is in he takes his cock and fills my pussy.   I am his.  “Take the wand and make yourself come,” he commands.  I fumble for the on switch and bring the wand to my clit.  Within seconds I am convulsing around his cock and the clone, my body fucking the wand and his cock, I moan and whimper, until he grabs my hair and says ” do you deserve my cum? Beg me to give it to you!”

“Please sir, please sir, I want your cum!” I beg until I feel him release into me.

I believe fantasies like these help to reinforce the submissive mindset in me.  Of course they also make me horny as hell too but that’s just a happy byproduct.

I Am Yours

There have been many things we have explored that came from sharing fantasies, and it all began when I expressed a desire to be spanked, and dominated and almost 2 and a half  years later I remain a huge fan of sharing fantasies, after all it has meant I have had some of the most amazing sexual experiences with MrH as well as improving my depression, so I believe that fantasies are worth having and sharing, because if you share them they may even become a reality.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Love the little make believe bits Sweet – more of these on your blog please 😉 x

  2. You know I’ve never thought much about fantasies. Mine was simple. My husband to want to make love to me. He never did…

    1. Oh huni ☹

  3. This is great sweet. I was really drawn into the part of the fantasies that you shared and it is lovely to read about how open you are with Mr H about what turns you on ❤️

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