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Reclaim my arse

We spent the day in the local a&e and although they gave me some more pain medication we did not achieve our goal; forward movement in a treatment plan.  On the way home I asked Mr H to reclaim my arse.

Knees up please.

I did undergo all the usual tests which included my least favourite, the finger up the bum and being asked to squeeze their finger test.  No really, that’s an actual test, to see if the anal sphincter muscles are working.  The doctor told me I once again have reduced anal tone.  Gee thanks!

Mr H doesn’t share.

Rather than glare with murderous intent at the doctor as he performed this test, Mr H went to get me a reward.  A hot chocolate and a muffin.  I did giggle at the idea of getting a reward for letting someone put their finger in my bum which made Mr H smile.

I need you to reclaim my arse.

I’m sure you can understand why having had this test, and a stranger put his finger up my bum, I wanted Mr H to make me his again.  Not one to leave his property unclaimed, Mr H wasted no time.  The gloves were out with the lube and I was told to ass-ume the position.  “Now, pull down your pants.”

Spoiler Alert.

This image has been deliberately created and posed.  I don’t want anyone to think that given my current medical issues Mr H would not actually do this.  Although when we have some resolution I will absolutely be looking forward to some play time.  While I was setting up the camera to focus on his hand our two furbabies set up shop on the bed.  They are always so helpful! 

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


23 thoughts on “Reclaim my arse”

  1. Ha! The cats! 😛

    That test sounds… Testy. *scowl*

    I’m sorry you are not yet getting the resolution you seek. Sending you thoughts of comfort and healing.


  2. I’m sorry that you are having to go through these types of tests. My Dom (my hubby) had to go through these types of tests due to decreased anal tone. He received a medical diagnosis in 2017 that is primarily diagnosed in women and if you are experiencing anything similar my heart goes out to you. Feel free to reach out to chat

    1. thank you Mrs B, they suspect cauda equina, but this is a long term and recurring theme for me, at the moment I am waiting for them to pull their finger out and do some surgery to stabilize my spine…

      sweetgirl x

  3. Wishing you a speedy relief from your health troubles xx
    I love the clever photo edit, it radiates trust, humour and the affection between you. (Also; bonus cats – win!!)

  4. I love, love, love the trust and humour between you guys. What you are going through has to be tough and could make you feel so unsexy so GO YOU for refusing to let it. I totally see the need for the reclaim, and I love that you shared it with us! Heck the cats wanted to join in too – what a pair of divas they are, but you gotta love ’em.
    Hugs to you and fingers crossed for forward movement in your treatment plan very soon. xx

  5. I’m wishing you some timely relief and glad that Mr H helped you feeling reclaimed, that matters so very much I think when going through any types of difficulties. Gorgeous cats too as an added bonus!

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