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Put me on the Naughty List – Please

The prompt for Wicked Wednesday is Naughty n’ Nice, and well I do love to be naughty! I would much rather be doing naughty things with MrH than muddling along as a plain Jane; which is how I used to see myself. I decided to make this post a little different, and include a short story for your entertainment (and to give Mr H play material).

Stepping into the Light

For years I hid in the shadows, I didn’t want to stand out. I didn’t want to be different or draw attention to myself, even with my disability I hate to be seen as different.  My Slimming World group allow me to queue jump, so I don’t have to wait in line (which is painful), but that makes me uncomfortable.

When I am with MrH I don’t mind being noticed.  The first time we went to the munch I was noticed.  MrH told me on the way home, that there had been a lot of people watching me during the course of the evening.  At first, I felt uncomfortable, and I asked him how he felt.  He said, that he was ok with it because he understood why they were looking.

“It is understandable, you look sexy and you are mine.  They can look all they want, but you belong to me.”

He sounded so proud, so possessive, and I felt good about it.  Normally he seems so calm and unflappable, but I loved this new side of him.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


**Flash Fiction**

Oh Sir – I’ve been a naughty girl..

“I’ve had wicked thoughts.”

“Have you now,” Sir replied. “Explain yourself.”

“Well, when you got dressed this morning, I wanted to kneel before you, and take your cock in my mouth.  I wanted to worship your cock, kissing and licking your shaft, as it gets hard.  To place my hands on your hips and draw your penis deep into my throat until you moan.”

“I see,” he said. “this is definitely a naughty thought, Sweetgirl.  You said thoughts, I presume this is not the only one?”

“Oh, no Sir,” I replied, “there was another.”

“Go on..”

“When you wink at me Sir.”

“What about it?” He raised an eyebrow.

“It makes me wet.  It turns me on so much Sir.  I have this fantasy that plays in my head, you walk towards me taking off your shirt, and you pull me to the end of the bed.  Then you kneel on the floor and take off my panties.  You wink at me, as you put my legs over your shoulders, and then you kiss me, you know, down there.”

“I see. What do I do then,” he asked.  “In this fantasy”

“Well Sir, you use your fingers to, you know, fuck me, and you suck and lick my,” I clear my throat, “clit until I orgam.”

“Hmmm, any more naughty thoughts?”

“Not today Sir.”

“Well I think there is only thing for it Sweetgirl,” he said sternly.  I looked at him expectantly, wondering what he planned. “Get on your knees and open your mouth… “

This post is linked to Wicked Wednesday #394, ‘Naughty and Nice’, click HERE to see more posts inspired by the prompt. For more of my fiction click HERE.

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  1. You are such a naughty girl!! lol

  2. It’s much more fun to be naughty than to be nice 😉

    Rebel xox

  3. Such naughty thoughts, marvellous!

  4. She has naughty thoughts, but he makes her do it. So who’s the real naughty one?

    1. Hehehe good question ❤

  5. Fabulous naughty thoughts xx

    1. Thank you ❤

  6. Mr H is a lucky man to have found you -and you are a lucky woman to have so clearly found yourself 🙂

  7. Well of course there was only one thing for it. He made the right (and only) call on that.

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