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Kitty Kisses

One of my tattoos is a black cat. When I got it it represented my new found sexuality and femininity, as I had not long since met MrH, and I felt sexy and very attractive. I sometimes joke that when it was first done it was a kitten…. and when I put on weight it became a panther; having lost weight it’s now an adult cat!

MrH isn’t a fan of my tattoos. I mean he has asked me not to have anymore, but wouldn’t ask me to have the ones I have removed.


I’ve always loved cats. I love dogs too – I’m not one of those people who has a preference, they each have their own quirks. Dogs are loyal and loving. They will lie next to you, follow you, and all the dogs I have had would also let me hug them.

Cats are independent, and will only sit with you if they want to – usually when it’s inconvenient…. like when you’re trying to type a blog post. As a child I grew up with two relatives who had farms, and my aunts farm would invariably, every summer have a litter of kittens in the barn. She would ring when the kittens had been born and next time I visited I would head off to the barn and wait for the mamma cat to show me her babies. Every year she trusted me with her secret and I would visit and play with them.

One of the things I love about cats is the way they move, they prowl. Their walk is smooth and gentle. Their reactions are lighting fast and they way they jump is just amazing.

My two furbabies are characters too. Both very different. My female cat bonded with our youngest and she is his cat.. she will sing outside his door to be let into his room. She will allow him to pick her up. She head-buts him and brushes past his leg, curling her tail around him. She lays near him and she purrs happily. If I stroke her she swats me. If I pick her up she squeaks to be put down and if I don’t comply she gets her 20 switchblades on the job of making me! She is very effective at this particular method of persuasion….

My male cat is bonded to me. He nuzzles me and makes kissing noises as he touches my lips with his mouth. He lays on me and next to me. He nudges my hand with his head to illicit strokes when he wants them and he will let me pick him up. He’s not overly happy with this as he sees it as an affront to his independence but he doesn’t attack.. sometimes you can almost see the thought “mum put me down people can see and they call me names!!” going through his mind. He loves drinking from the bathroom tap, and won’t let me go into the bathroom alone. In fact most of the time he follows me round the house. He’s a comical curious little thing and I adore him.

The cat that got the cream

After play I think I act a bit like a cat, or at least that’s how I feel it. I stretch and languish. I bask. I feel like I purr contentedly.

I usually have a period afterwards where I’m in less pain and I can move more easily. Of course the post sex waddle to the bathroom with a towel between my legs is definitely not cat like, or sexy! It’s another practical aspect of sex that they don’t ever show in the movies isn’t it? Cleaning yourself up and having to pee afterwards to avoid cystitis. Still MrH and I usually have a giggle at my clumsy self as I attend to these things.


Yes I know, that’s spelt wrong… it’s deliberate… I do think I’m blessed with my life as it is and I am grateful for that. I do think MrH would be happier with a dog in his life but I accept his reasons behind not getting one. We’d also have to consider the impact of a puppy on the cats. They both joined our home when we still had our dog and so I know they can live with a dog but he was one in a million. That period of adjustment would be stressful for them. So I don’t think we will be adding any further furbabies to our household any time soon.

In the mean time my boy cat will I’m sure continue to smother me with kitty kisses.

I know this image is blurred but it is one of my very favorites – he is reaching for my face to give me a little kiss.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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