I shared a post a few weeks ago about squirting orgasms in “Overcoming Embarrassment” and I thought I needed to write a follow up.  While I spoke in this earlier post about being embarrassed that I had wet the bed. While I have experienced these orgasms through masturbation I haven’t during play with MrH. This has prompted me to wonder… Why?

I believe it’s because I’m ashamed and embarrassed.

I believe I hold back frightened that MrH would be disgusted if he were covered or touched by this fluid.

I fear that judgement.

It terrifies me.

I think this will require more thought and discussion with MrH because I do not want to conceal part of myself. I do not want to hold anything back from him.

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  1. I struggle with holding back too! I hate how messy it is, although Lars loves it so much. Enjoy the ride, bask in the pleasure of it! Hugs.

    1. I’m going to suggest some kind of waterproof pad which will be less bulky than towels….

      1. Missy told me about hers! You should ask her as she says it works quite well!

        1. I will!

  2. I bought waterproof flat sheets for cots and the size is perfect. I used to feel embarrassed thinking I’d wet myself too, but after reading about squirting, I don’t care, in fact as much as a man needs to cum, I need to squirt to make me feel beta. We used to use puppy pads, but finding the cot sheets have been perfect, only bought them from Amazon, then wash them and dry over the radiators, we bought 2, and also bought 2 king size waterproof sheets, but we never use the big ones, I’ve taken them away, so we cover the settee or places we may play that’s not the bed. But I’d recommend them. I can’t get myself to squirt, bought new toys that are supposed to help, but I just can’t get the position. So Masters the expert, he loves making me squirt anywhere, so we may use puppy pads downstairs too. But it has a certain smell that will only go once washing, if it gets on the quilt, I end up taking it to be washed, and that’s quite pricey so cot covers are perfect xxxxx

    1. Thank you for sharing your advice Dayliacat

      1. Anytime, i know what its like xxx

  3. David says:

    I expect MrH would enjoy being covered by your fluid, it is seriously horny when it happens!

  4. Hopefully over time you grow more comfortable 🙂

    1. I hope so … I feel like a complete twit… Being so grown and open yet embarrassed

      1. We all get embarrassed about certain things, Sweetgirl…remember, he adores you and just wants you to feel bliss!

        1. True lol

  5. Thank you for sharing … It’s reassuring.

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