Hotel stay – debrief

We have started making time to discuss play, not a massive deal no one has to write a report or complete a ‘feedback sheet’ but a snuggle with questions and answers. So, Saturday morning at the hotel, as we lay in bed with our coffee too hot to drink, I snuggled into MrH’s side “Did you enjoy last night Sir? I asked.

“I did very much Sweetgirl,” he replied. “Did you?”

“Yes Sir.” I smiled.

“Is there anything you didn’t like or wouldn’t want to do again?” He asked

“Well,” I hesitated a little. I’m always afraid of sounding negative or critical. On the whole I love everything MrH does, I love how he treats me, how he loves me, but the purpose of the debriefing is to be honest. So, I take a deep breath and metaphorically pull up my big girl panties and continue.. “I didn’t like that we started with the photos. I’d got into a submissive mental state during the day, the drive and the meal. Then we got to the room and because you asked me to make decisions it pulled me out of that mental place. Because we didn’t do my collar exchange until part way it took me a while to properly come back. Does that make sense?”

“It does” he replied.

I want to point out here that usually when we arrive at hotels we swap my day chain to my night/play collar. This swap I think solidifies my submissive mental space. So when I don’t have this collar on I’m not in “play mode” as it were.

“What was your favourite thing?” I asked him

“Watching you masturbate for me.” He replied. No hesitation.

“Even with the … squirting?” I managed to mumble out. “You were ok? I mean I know you, but?” (Oh yeah my grasp of English is excellent at this point)

“Yes. I’m not sure what else I could do to show you how ok I was.” He said.

If you didn’t read the post Hotel stay – part one he licked my pussy tasting the liquid after this.

“Perhaps use your words too?” I said.

I can’t stress enough how much sometimes you need to hear things. You know when they hold your face in their hands and make you look at them? How powerful is anything they say at that point???

“How did you find the gloves? And the internal examination?” I asked.

“It was different,” he said “and did what it was supposed to. You?”

“It was nice and I felt very owned.” I replied.

“What was your favourite thing?” He asked.

“Erm….” I had to think about this. I’d enjoyed all of it. But what was my favourite….. “I think when you were licking me and using the toy too. That was an intense orgasm and I enjoyed it. The headphones made things different but I could still hear, I’m sure I heard you moan a few times and that was so hot.”

“Yes I was enthusiastic,” he said, “and with the headphones on you were a bit louder.”


“Don’t apologise.” He said. “I was wondering if the headphones had worked as they kept coming off.”

“Curse my small head!” I laughed. “They helped me when I masturbated for you.”

“I thought they might, and the blindfold.” He smiled at me knowingly.

“Yes Sir.”

“Was there anything you wouldn’t want to do again?” He asked.

“No. You?” I replied


We snuggled a while longer and drank our coffee.

One thing I do want to add… we took the waterproof pad with us and a sheet. I always take a sheet. It serves a dual function. It covers the hotel bedding in case of any mess, and gives a light weight cover after play.

I put the waterproof pad under the sheet. After I had squirted, I asked if I could strip the sheet as I was lied in wet. As I pulled the sheet back I said “let’s hope this has worked…”

MrH looked up at me. “You mean you didn’t test it!”

“Erm…. nope…” 😳😂🤣

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  1. David says:

    Squirting is the best thing a woman can do imo – shows so much how she is enjoying herself 😉

    1. ☺️

  2. We like to debrief, too. It helps keep communication as wide open as possible, and feeds my need for verbal feedback. I completely agree with you, hearing the words is vital to me.

  3. It’s always good to talk, as they say, and it was fascinating to read of your debrief.

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