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Hotel Stay

Mr H and I went away last night for some play time. Yesterday morning I received an email from him with his instructions. I was to prepare myself for all types of play. Pack toys and clothes. Buy some Bluetooth headphones. Mr H said he planned to start the evening with inspection.

Preparation for play.

He would be taking some photos, and doing some rope work. I would be masturbating for him, sucking his cock and being used as his fuck toy. Of course this made me somewhat excited 😊 and at 3pm I headed home from work to get ready. I started in the bathroom. Armed with my douche bulb and lube I cleaned myself for anal play. I then packed the suitcase. The shopping was delivered and our youngest J (he’s 19) helped bring it in and put it away. I then went to shave my pussy, legs and underarms. When I was sure I was suitably prepared I dressed in my boots, mock stocking tights, new skirt and top.


I hoped that Mr H would be happy with my selection- and he was. We left and booked into the hotel, and went for our evening meal. We had a carvery and I had an ice cream for dessert. Mr H got a cake for later. We headed back to the room, butterflies started to flutter in my tummy. Excitement and anticipation building. Once in the room Mr H decided we would take photos first, to give time for our food to settle. The plan was to take a selection for use on the blog, I had saved some images I had come across in my Twitter feed that I wanted to try and recreate. We took several different images and then MrH decided he wanted to try taking pictures with the anal hook in place and tied to rope. The photo session complete MrH changed my collar to my night/play collar. The anticipation returned. He picked up the blindfold and secured it around my head. It was inspection time.

Play time.

I stood, legs apart and my hands on my head. I could hear Sir moving around me. He pinched my nipples and I felt them harden. Then a pinch. Sir attached the nipple clips. He ran his hands over my arms, over my body. Down my legs, making sure I had shaved effectively. He rubbed my pussy – I was wet. “Good so far Sweetgirl,” he said. I could hear him opening things, moving about. And then – the sound of him putting on the gloves. We bought some black latex gloves for him to use should he wish for anal play (thank you Submissy and Hislordship for the idea 😊) and this was the first time we had been away since their purchase. He ran his gloved hands over me. They felt so different to his skin. I am sure I was biting my lip. Again he rubbed my pussy which by now was very wet.. and of course I was excited by the idea that he was not yet finished with his inspection. “Turn around” I did. “Walk forward” I did, his hands on me guiding me until my thighs touched the bed. He put his hand in the middle of my back. “Bend over” I heard him pump the lube. With one hand he parted my cheeks and he slowly, deliberately inserted a finger into my ass. Heat flooded through me. I can’t remember now if I breathed out a sigh or moaned… but remembering it I’m hot and wet. He removed his finger and peeled off the gloves. He stood me back up and standing behind me he pulled off the nipple clips. I think I cried out. But it was more nice than not.  He held me against him, and reached one hand between my legs. He rubbed and circled until my first orgasm of the night was had.

More Sensory Deprivation.

“Lay on the bed” he instructed.  He put the headphones on me and tied me to the under bed restraints. The next thing I felt was his tongue circling my clit and a dildo (I guessed it was his clone from the size) was pushed into me. He licked and thrust the clone…

The music wasn’t loud and I could hear his moans of delight as he enjoyed my body. I could feel another orgasm building. My body began to move against him and I climaxed, deep and long. As the orgasm ended I felt the bed dip, and he moved towards me. He put his cock into my mouth, he was dripping precum and I sucked eagerly loving the evidence of his enjoyment.

“Time for you to masturbate for me” he said as he unclipped my cuffs from the restraints. He put some lube on the wand and I got comfortable. I don’t know about other women but I like to play some sort of mental narrative/story if I masturbate, although during the 30 day challenge I had found it extremely difficult to do. So much so that I stopped participating. Part of me had been worried this would stop me from doing it now but as I readied myself I knew it would be ok. This was for Mr H. He was watching and I desperately wanted to do well. This inspired my fantasy. It was a test. Mr H my examiner. I had previously failed this test and now I had the chance to resit (so to speak). I had been told to make it “a good show” and “make sure it wasn’t over too quickly” and so I focused on the music “slow hands” and began. I got lost in the fantasy. I imagined MrH taking notes on a score sheet. I imagined him thinking how turned on he was and perhaps he would touch himself because the show was so good. When I came I squirted. A lot.

As I went to turn the wand off Mr H touched my hand, taking the wand off me. He licked me, tasting the liquid I was covered in. This was the first time he had witnessed a squirting orgasm and I had been very worried about how he would react. I didn’t imagine it would be like that. He allowed me a moment to strip the sheet and cover off the bed before I was again permitted to suck his cock. After a while he decided it was time for him to cum and he instructed me to lie on my front ass in the air. He thrust into me and moaned when he came. We lay on the bed for a while, me snuggled in his arms. It was a perfect night.

Find out what happened next click HERE.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. That sounds wonderful! I can’t wait until we’re able to get away for a hotel stay.

    Do you find it difficult to come back to normal life after? Like a drop?

  2. Good to know 🙂

  3. This is so hot!!! Cold shower time 🙂

    1. Thank you

  4. David says:

    Sounds like lots of fun, keep up the good work! 😉

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  6. I’m new to your blog so this may have been answered elsewhere, but … am I right in thinking you’re saying he hasn’t seen you squirt before? If so, why is that? Do you / did you hold back previously? Does it happen privately (solo)? Have you done it with him since you wrote this post?
    Apologies if I’m being nosy, I just find the whole subject fascinating. (My wife doesn’t squirt, as best I know).

  7. […] you didn’t read the post Hotel stay – part one he licked my pussy tasting the liquid after […]

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