I love my boobs

I’ve loved my boobs for years. I have a great cleavage, and they have always been show stoppers…

I used them to great effects college, especially when there was a debate going on. Leaning forward over the desk and looking at whoever was speaking (fellow student or some lecturers) and they would invariably loose their train of thought.

Except MrH.

He would keep his eyes on mine and hold his ground. He fascinated me. He still does.

He also loves my boobs. Just yesterday he said that one of the things he loves is the fact that my boobs are his and he can touch them wherever he likes.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Mr H says:

    Indeed I do

  2. Great cleavage indeed!! Lucky Mr H

  3. Ummm… you were not kidding about great cleavage. Goodness… *wipes brow*

  4. Ahh … the paradox of propriety, privilege and property.

  5. Pretty spectacular and that come from big titted me! x

  6. Ahhh the power of the boobs, I may have used that superpower a time or two


  7. Great boobs and I love your bra too!

    1. Thank you

  8. Thank you

  9. You really DO have gorgeous boobs!

    Rebel xox

    1. Thank you

  10. I love them too!

  11. You’ve got everyone (me) super flustered.

  12. Those are some epic boobs, no wonder you are so proud of them.

  13. Oh I love boobs! They are one of my most favourite things on earth, I 100% would be one of those people you could distract easily with them, lol. I say this with confidence having been captivated by the above image :p fabulous photo x

  14. You have really amazing boobs indeed! The bra looks wonderful on you too!

  15. That is a very one shot, of very very fine boobs.

    Glad Mr H appreciates that’s his!

    Hot pic!

  16. LOL – this made gave me real giggles! And I am not surprised they distract, they are rather epic x

  17. Classic cleavage.

    1. Thank you kindly!

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