Barrel Curls for Pin Up

A while ago Mr H and I went out for a meal and I had my hair done for the occasion.  I adore the 50’s style, the clothes were feminine and suit my body shape, but I can’t style my hair well so when it looks awesome, I have to take pictures! The stylist really did an amazing job with this one, victory rolls, barrel curls and the 3 curls you can see in the picture on one side. I felt like a superstar. At some point I hope I can learn how to do barrel curls myself although my hair needs to grow a little more before it will do this style again.

My project ‘The Fun Theme Photo Meme’ was created to encourage people to have fun, and so far I have been blown away by how many people have taken part.  I think it is important not to spend so long focused on our own situations that we forget we are part of a bigger universe.  

Sweetgirl x

  • barrel curls

To see more images for the April 2020 Theme Pin Up Click HERE. My last Pin Up Post can be found HERE.

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  1. And, you look kike a Superstar.

    1. Thank you

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