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Edge Play, in terms of BDSM, is play which can be seen as extremely risky. Within the BDSM safety is considered paramount, and most practitioners subscribe to either Risk Aware Consensual Kink or Safe Sane and Consensual, edge play is known to be the activities which push the edges of what is safe. Kinky defines it as:

Edgeplay refers to BDSM activities that are considered risky, or on the edge of what might be considered safe, sane, and consensual. The definition of edgeplay is subjective and can differ from scene to scene and from individual to individual, but it can refer to anything from breath play to knife play to barebacking. The definition of edgy can also change over time depending on the sensibilities of the time period.

As you can see they suggest that this definition is very subjective and changeable. No two people are likely to have the same definition and I can only tell you about the activities that I see as fitting the description. Mr H and I do not play on the edge. We don’t even play in the same country as Edge Play, it simply holds no interest for Mr H to push the boundaries in this way, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t discussed them. Of course we have, how could we decide they were not for us if we didn’t? Having said that, because we do not engage in Edge Play I can’t give you any first hand examples and so I have used posts from other bloggers that have. If you haven’t already seen them please give them a read.

Some Examples of Edge Play.

  • Breath Play – This post by Liz Black X, shares her experiences with breath play.
  • Knife Play – Submissy wrote this for the Tell Me About prompt, and as she and Hislordship have done some knife play in felt it appropriate to share her post here. Go and read it if you want to know more.
  • CNC – Submissy wrote about this for her blog and shared with The SafeworD/s Club, which is where this link takes you.

Where does that leave us?

Mr H and I have no plans at this time to try edge play. Mr H has on occasion placed his hand around my throat, it’s something I find very arousing, but he never constricts my airway. The only time that happened was accidental during a deep throat incident! Does that mean we never will? Never say never. Mr H and I are young(ish) and who knows. We have talked about some role play and in particular, when we read this post by Purplesole and Littlegem Mr H expressed an interest in doing something similar. This roleplay interrogation scene does play with the concept of CNC with the difference being, rather than your usual safeword the interrogation is stopped by giving up the information. You still have some control or way to end it, but it would, for us anyway, push the boundaries of our normal play and as such I consider it to be Edge Play.

Sweetgirl x

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