Tell Me About: Resets

A reset is used to draw a line under a period of time and start fresh. In terms of our D/s this usually means a lapse in following the rules, and / or a drop in mind sets. With the recent health challenges we were in need of a reset and Mr H used our go to method, a spanking, to achieve it.


I had shifted myself to stretch my back a little and I was on my hands and elbows and my behind was next to MrH.  Without warning he pulled down my pyjama bottoms and spanked me.

“Well that’s created a stirring in my trousers,” he said, cheerfully. “It’s good to know that’s still working,” he continued as he pulled my pants back up.

Getting back.

As regular readers will know the last few weeks have been difficult and MrH has been in hospital so our dynamic has suffered.

Spanking is one method we use to reset our dynamic.  The skin to skin contact is more personal than the cane and it makes me feel submissive and I think it helps MrH to feel Dominant too.  At least I know he gets turned on by doing it.

MrH has spanked me a few times to reset my submissive mindset and get us back on track, something I look forward to a great deal.

Life Happens.

No-one wants their D/s dynamic to waiver.  In an ideal world Doms would feel Dominant and subs submissive all the time but in reality that hardly ever happens.  I usually work in a position of responsibility, a manager and I have to try and switch that off when I get home.  My new job is very different, now I go to work and get told what to do.  It’s very refreshing, and quite honestly, relaxing.  I am not going to have to go home stressed about the work not done.  That isn’t to say I don’t have deadlines it’s just a different kind of thing.

I read lots of blogs, and one thing that comes up time and again is that ‘life’ got in the way.

I think that D/s, the way we do it, copes for the most part with the things we encounter.  We maintain our dynamic with regular communication and cane sessions but when we are separated like this week, we need something extra to kick us back into gear and MrH’s hand is perfect at doing just that.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. I love the way you use the personal contact involved in a spanking to reset your D/s relationship during difficult times. It’s so different, more intimate, than caning. Both have their place, and it seems he knows when to use one or the other.

    1. He does ❤

  2. Me too xx

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