On Being a Submissive

The Cane

I asked Mr H if he would try his cane out on Friday night, and he kindly said he would think about it. There was a time when I would have tried to persuade Mr H to give me a definite answer, but I have learned that while I can ask things of Mr H, I must then leave the decision to him and accept it. In fact I nearly didn’t ask at all. But, I felt in need of something to take me out of myself, something that would relax me and I knew that a spanking wasn’t possible. The cane had been purchased in the hope that it would provide a means of impact play without the loud thwack that Mr H’s hand on my backside creates. In the end I asked, having decided that if I didn’t tell Mr H how I felt he may ultimately be cross that I didn’t communicate my needs.

The Cane comes out to play

When ten pm arrived Mr H and I completed our bedtime ritual collar exchange and I went to the loo. When I returned to the bedroom, I was instructed to get on the bed in a comfortable position. I piled up pillows into a suitable mound and settled on to it. Until this point Mr H had given me no indication that he intended to use the cane, but it was in his hand when I came back from the bathroom. To make things even more challenging, our ginger boy cat seems to like chasing and attacking the cane 🤭…

So, having scooted the Captain onto the floor, I settled into the mound of pillows. I have a bad back and so being comfortable is important. I’d managed to get into such a position that my bottom was raised, as was my back and shoulders.

Mr H started on my bottom with light taps of the cane and I felt myself relaxing almost at once. It wasn’t at all painful and he maintained this gentle tapping over my shoulders too. He returned to my bottom and increased the intensity of the taps, continuing to warm me up.

I have to be completely honest, I don’t remember much of the details. The cane strikes took me quickly into a light subspace and I stopped thinking.

I remember that there were a few moments where I almost said yellow (our word for getting close to my limit), but it seemed as if Mr H was reading my mind, for at that moment he would stop and stroke the cheek that had begun to sting in earnest. He would bring me back to a point of complete comfort before starting back up with the cane again. Each time he read me perfectly and took me right to the point of thinking I’d have to speak out before stopping. And when he called the scene to a halt he did so again at a point where I’d almost reached my limit, by simply saying, I think we’ll leave it there for today.

We cuddled for a while and eventually I rolled over and slept. Soundly.

I’d Call that a Success

I’m forever marveling at how amazing this has been. How much love and trust you can place in a person if you open up to it. How placing your trust in someone so completely can make you feel so free. This was no different. It had been on my no list in the beginning, but discussions with SubMissy had made me rethink this, and I am glad I had.

I could still feel the sting on Saturday.

I have no doubt that ‘the cane’ will be taken out of the wardrobe again, because Mr H said he enjoyed using it. And, I have to say, I’m definitely looking forward to the next time.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Did he leave any marks or were you just red? I tend to avoid canes if I can. Luckily we don’t have one at this point in time.

    1. Just red … Lol

  2. hot

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing experience! I love the cane on my upper back and shoulders, but I am not overly fond of it anywhere else. Also, I find a good impact session makes for the best night of sleep!

    1. I did thank you … Shows how quickly we can change .. initially cane was on my no way list lol

  4. Charlie says:

    I love/hate the cane – I’ve had it applied quite harshly in a previous relationship – it’s that sting that seems to build up until you’re like ‘holy crap this is a bad idea’ And that you can still feel it (and see the marks) days later is awesome! Glad you’re having fun with it!

    1. MrH hasn’t progressed to a point where I am left with marks…. He photographed the red lines he had made but they faded quickly… I could still ‘feel’ it the next day though.

      1. Charlie says:

        hehe – these are things you can work out together! the best sensation I found is being taken just a little bit past your limit 🙂 what I found intense was where the cane was bounced rapidly – like 2 to 4 strokes a second for a few seconds for about 10-20 or so strokes.. not too hard, but that whippy motion…the sting builds up like nothing else without doing any real damage. It’ll make you consider your yellow safeword!

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