On Kinky Fuckery

You don’t want me to stop do you?

MrH got the Doxy out, and I got out of bed and went to the loo.  It’s not sexy I know but I always pee before sex, (real life right?!) and part of my worry over squirting is that although I have read the studies that say it’s not pee and I know it doesn’t smell like pee, it still a worry, so I figure if my bladder is empty then it’s not pee and I can relax. At least that’s the theory.  So, on returning the covers were turned down, the mat was on the bed so if I do have a squirting orgasm the bed is protected, and MrH was waiting for me.  I felt a quiver of excitement, I knew somehow it was going to be different tonight.  ‘It’s sexy time’ I thought with a smile.

He swapped my collars and told me to get on the bed, turned the TV off and put his music on.

I was lay on the bed, my hands on my chest, fingers entwined, waiting.  MrH opened my legs and slowly settled himself on me, his face level with mine.

“You can touch me,” he said, and I moved my hands to his chest, sliding round to his back as he lowered his head to kiss me.  Thoroughly, deeply.  I felt my body relax.

Then Captain J jumped on the bed and I started to giggle reminded of the post by Mrs Fever “What sex is REALLY like”  where her cat jumps onto her Masters ass while they are, shall we say, warming up to the main act? (BTW MrsFever is well worth a follow).  Mr H evicted the Captain from the room, much to the Captains displeasure, and returned to his previous position.  Of course I was still somewhat giggly, and Mr H decided to take me in hand, literally.

Firm Grip

He took a hold of my chin and moved my head to the right, before he bit me firmly on the neck, my pussy twitched, and my body relaxed.  Mr H released my neck and kissed my mouth before placing his hand firmly round my neck.  He doesn’t do a choke hold, and I don’t think he squeezes, he just seems to apply pressure to that one hand and my mind just stops.  The world at this point has gone and all I am thinking about is that moment.

He reached his other hand between my thighs, seeking my clit, and he slowly pushed one finger into me, and I sighed happily.  Letting go of my neck he moved down my body until his head was between my thighs, and leaving one finger in me, he stroked my clit firmly with his tongue.  Over and over, he licked my clit, thrust his finger into me and rubbed my clit with his thumb.  I relaxed enjoying the sensations, and he was unhurried in his movements.  A few times he asked me, “you like that don’t you?” and I replied with a sighed, “yes.”

I do hold back though, subconsciously, when his hand or head is between my legs. The fear of squirting onto him makes me anxious and Mr H has to push me passed that mental block.

Over the Edge – squirting.

He moved and picked up the wand,  I heard the lube bottle being opened and jumped when he spread some over my pussy with his hand as it was a little cold!  The buzzing of the wand brought me further around as I was feeling very dreamy and I started again when he touched it to my pussy.  With the wand on my clit he thrust his finger(s) into me again and within seconds I was whimpering and my orgasm began.  I say began because it didn’t stop from there.  I squirted over his hand but by this time I was too blissed out to care. The climax continued, wave after wave.

“You don’t want me to stop do you?” Mr H asked me.  I don’t know if he was smiling but he sounded happy.

“No,” was my reply and I think I shook my head too. He continued for some while longer and then he adjusted the wands position so he could replace his fingers with his cock.

He managed to keep the wand on me as the thrust into me seeking his own orgasm.

“Are you ready for my cum?” he asked

“Yes please,” I responded.  I felt him release inside me, and he removed the wand.  My body still pulsing as he left my body in search of two towels.  Once located he placed one between my legs (he is so considerate) and pulled the matt out from under me as it was wet.   I rolled onto my side and he covered me with the quilt, before sliding into bed behind me warming me with his body.


It was a wonderful night, and we had an amazing time (well I did anyway hehehe) Mr H took control of my mind and body from the first touch and the result was wonderful.  The squirting orgasm was proof of how relaxed I was and Mr H didn’t seem put off that it had run over his hand. 

Today we heard from J that he is struggling again and not happy.  We always told him he could come home any time if he decided it wasn’t for him and so he is going to be coming home on Friday.  Mr H and I will have to make the most of the next 4 nights, although I think we may find he goes out more as he has missed his friends.  At least we hadn’t put up any of the wall and ceiling points that were to make that room into our playroom, as once again it will be a full time bedroom.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. I used to worry about squirting too. It doesn’t matter what it is… it feels great. But I empty my bladder before playing as well so that when I do squirt… it’s more squirt than pee… if that makes sense… lol I love that collar, btw. Thanks for sharing. ❤

  2. Real life! Gotta love those moments. 🙂

    Sounds like you had a lovely time. I hope there are more such times to come with the changes ahead.

  3. Lol…. yes a very judgemental cat… or st least MrH says he feels judged when he’s looking at him!

  4. I ALSO pee before orgasms and/or sex for the exact same reason. At least I did when I squirted more regularly. I didn’t have to worry about what it might be if I knew I didn’t actually need to pee when it happened. 🙂

  5. That sounds like a fantastic time to be had, real life and everything!

  6. I love when my Queen squirts and will often try and drink it. Sometimes the bed or towel get soaked because even if I try to drink it all it isn’t always possible. Or sometimes I’m penetrating her and she doesn’t want me to stop.
    That being said, it sounds like you both had a fabulous time!

    1. We did x

  7. This was hot, but I think I most enjoyed the little details. The cat. The towel. The precautionary wee. Stuff like that feels so real and human that it makes the sex all the more interesting.

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