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Home again – part 2

We rested for a while watching TV. With two and a half hours to go til our restaurant reservation, MrH decided to take some sexy photos. We had discussed this before we left and there had been a few images that we had decided to try and recreate. (ps if you haven’t read part 1 click here)

The first outfit he chose was the body stocking. He opened the net curtains and told me to stand in front of the window. He took some pictures. Then he told me to lean into the window frame in my arse out pose. He took more pictures. I was very much on display. Our room overlooked the car park. Anyone moving about would be able to see me. I guess I should be grateful that he didn’t send me to stand at the balcony rail!!


The second outfit was the new white set. He took some reclined pictures, and then I slipped his white shirt on, and he took a picture of me in the doorway to the bedroom.

MrH put on the white shirt and I retrieved his black tie. This was an image I had requested, and he sat in various chairs and allowed me to adjust his shirt and tie to get the images I wanted…. I do adore him in these pictures (I used one for the part one post).

The third outfit was the black and red bra, panties and suspender set. He took some pictures of me leaning into the chair.

He then told me to remove the panties.

MrH filled the lube syringe (thank you for the suggestion Missy) with lube and asked me to lean over the table. After a liberal covering with the lube, MrH inserted the jewelled butt plug. He used the remote control app on the phone and the stand to set up the shot so it would capture him at one side and me at the other. He got a selection of implements out and started to take pictures.. the cane, the flogger, and the crop. He used them all on me too. Satisfied he had all the pictures he wanted MrH decided to play.

Now I appreciate that you will all be wanting juicy details…. But I have none for you. I have no idea what he did to me. I just know it was fucking amazing!!!! Orgasms 6 to 10 ….wow!

At some point (MrH reminded me later between Orgasm 7 & 8) I said “I’m your fuck toy”. I did remember doing it and went rather red.

After orgasm 10 he moved me to the bedroom, and he painted my abdomen with his cum.

I’d just about come back down to earth when we had to leave for our evening meal.

I suppose you’ll all have to hope that MrH writes about the day … And we can all find out what he did that felt so good!

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Great photo. You guys were made for each other

  2. I love the chemistry between you

  3. David says:

    And the crowd cried out ‘more more more’ 😉

    1. Hahaha…

      1. David says:

        Cheeky 😉

    2. I’ve already said … I have no more to tell… I have no idea what MrH was doing.

  4. Lovely photos! Sounds like an amazing time 🙂

  5. Thank you!

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