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Be beside the seaside

Today we went to the seaside with J and his best friend A, (the young lady we have pretty much adopted into our family). As I was saying we went to the seaside. The plan was simply to walk up and down the beach. Feeling the sand under our bare feet, paddling in the sea and soaking up some vitamin D.

While we were there A wanted to take some pictures, and so we posed for a couple. Mr H and I walked ahead of them for a while and unbeknownst to us she snapped a few pictures of us walking, because, to quote her, “we were doing a cutie.” and her reason for taking the pictures was that her parents wouldn’t do it and she loves that we hold hands. Perhaps there should be more hand holding in the world?

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


16 thoughts on “Be beside the seaside”

  1. Good grief I’m tired… you mean doing a cutie … head slap! Btw I love your image linen shirt… but I can’t like or comment cos it makes me log in and I can’t remember my password (thank goodness its I can use my biometrics on my phone)!

    1. Thank you- me too, I think it looks like it could be years ago …. like my parents or grandparents…. although the bag on the back is a bit modern..

  2. Holding hands is so important. Demonstrating a loving relationship is so important for us as adults. There are too many examples of really poor relationships. Kids need to see good examples !

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